Montag, 8. August 2016

Dog days or how to enjoy the summertime

This post is inspired by Spy Girl Anne M Bray.
I've just seen her #tbt - Link Party 
and the prompt of this month is " The Dog Days of summer"

There are so many ways and matters to enjoy the summer, 
even without holidays and big travels...
Here a few of my

Enjoy flowers and colors

Open the windows in the early morning, 
search cool shadows in home during the day

Wear white clothing

Blow dandelion seeds all over the world

Collect the sunlight in your parasol and save it for dark winter days

Make the forest to your summer residence

Search a lake

Look at a fountain

Cool your feet

Be veiled...

Drink water

Let your worries fly away like white birds

Make big laundry

Watch the play of light and shadows

Observe the apples to ripen

Eat berries

Read about circumnavigations


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With this post I'm going in a little break - have to much to do in real life. 

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  1. Aaaaaah! Wonderful! Thank you, thank you, thank you! xxox

  2. Wonderful photo essay. You have hit some of my favorite things about summer. Being warm outside is just great.

  3. Oh Mascha, that's a wonderful post, these fotos are so fascinating... I'm going to imagine fairy tales... Great! And yes, they're showing your moments enjoying summer so fascinating... And now, have a good break, I hope not to long, I'll miss your sensitive posts... Ghislana

  4. great post mascha! summer is my favorite season and you have a lot of super ideas!!

  5. What a great post Mascha! You sure are taking the best parts of the summer - lovely!

  6. Grand shots - I especially like the dandelion.
    Thank you for sharing at this week's photo linky party at image-in-ing:

  7. Great photos Mascha and you made a wonderful summer post of them. But indeed this is a bit of a dream world, in real life there is so much to do. I love it all.
    Enjoy your little blogging break!

  8. The world needs more fountains and definitely more blackberries


  9. Lovely post.
    Beautiful photos !!


  10. Nice photos and great assortment too and the dog looked so cute heheh!

    Have a supertastic say :-)

  11. A wonderful post, dear Mascha, with beautiful photos and great ideas! How you enjoy the summertime is the only way to enjoy life! Have a nice time! All the best for you

  12. You've captured some of my favorite summer things!

  13. Hello dear Mascha, This is a lovely way to celebrate summer. Each photo is so charming and interesting. The family photos are especially sweet. Thank you for sharing this post on Blue Monday.

    Thank you so much for your faithful comments and linking to my Blue Monday posts while I was on vacation. I arrived home today... tired but very happy to have been with so much family these past two weeks.

    Have a wonderful break and please come back when you can.

  14. Great ways of enjoying :)
    I want summer back! Today it is gone with the wind and cold rain...

  15. Everything looks so fairytale like, magical! My fave is that hat and mirror!

  16. Such dreamy photos! Hope you have a lovely week! Looks like some good weather came your way. My mother-in-law says it has been raining all summer. She is hoping to get some nice weather at the end of the month in Berlin when she goes up north with all her girlfriends.

  17. You have a true artist's eye, Mascha. The sweet kitty makes it all the more beautiful.

  18. Beautiful post! I love the way the dog stretched. Beautiful white dandelion seeds and lace views. A great way to enjoy the sunlight and the shades.

  19. Beautiful post! I love the way the dog stretched. Beautiful white dandelion seeds and lace views. A great way to enjoy the sunlight and the shades.

  20. You have found great ways to enjoy summer Mascha. I love your creative style, so enjoyable!

  21. Oh my goodness this is the most gorgeous montage of photos! I wonderful lesson of what peace looks like, and the treasures of our existence in that peace! Wanting what you have is so much better than searching for what you don't have! So beautiful every have captured the perfect summer in this post!! So much joy in this post! You have much to teach the world my dear!! Enjoy your time in real life!

    Hugs Giggles

  22. Yes, I like wearing white! (not only in the summer:):) ) Your capture of the dandelion is spectacular! Love the whole atmosphere/mood of your post:) Great memories for when the days grow cold. Many thanks for sharing this with SEASONS:)
    Now you made me curious of your steam train!

  23. So beautiful!I love the mood of this collection, brings about a sense of peace & warmth all at the same time!

  24. Mascha,

    Ich habe genossen diesen Posten so sehr, mit all den schönen kühlen Grüntönen und Weiß, und alle Spitzen- Stoffe und Sonnenschirme und Möglichkeiten zu halten cool.

    Bis vor ein paar Jahren war mein eigenes Haus in einem sehr heißen Klima, und ich erkenne alle diese schönen Lichtungen und Draperien und kühlen Exerzitien, und alle anderen Freuden des Sommer .

    Vielen Dank für diese wunderbare Erinnerung an all jenen Tagen in der heißen , grünen Süden, der kühlen Quellen und den fließenden Brunnen, die blasse Wäsche Lacy in der Sonne bläst , und all die anderen Schönheiten von einem duftenden Sommer .

    Ich habe ein wenig Post über unsere Bäume geschrieben und unsere GREEN auf meinem eigenen Blog, und verknüpft den Beitrag zu dieser. Es ist schön, einen verwandten Summer Spirit , so weit weg zu finden.


  25. Ich habe vergessen, den Link hinzufügen :

  26. Your summer looks so relaxing. This was a delightful post.

  27. Such poetry in pictures and in words. Thank you for the moment!

  28. There is so much beauty and loveliness in this post! What gorgeous and stunning photos. This actually made me not hate the heat and humidity so much. I am feeling quite nostalgic and soothed after reading your post! So thank you for that.

    I would love for you to come join my weekly link up On the Edge of the Week! It goes live every Thursday at 5:00 p.m. EST and remains open for one week. I hope to see you there. Have a fabulous week!


  29. Love the light and shadow. Beautiful! Thank you so much for linking up on Wandering Camera :)



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