Samstag, 28. Mai 2016


(I'm back at the internet only today.
 During the week have reconstruction works in my old home and cannot be online)

Dienstag, 17. Mai 2016

Delight yourself in the Lord...

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." 

Psalm 37:4

Inspired by Scrapping Everyday Miracles May Challenge

Please note: This blog will be continue in a break. 
 I was just only in the mood for a little creativity.
In next time I will probably cut off from the Internet for several days,

  but I'll come back when it is possible.
Please don't miss me or invite me to parties... and have a nice time. 

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Two of hearts

It has always been this way
from the moment I met you,
that even if the whole world
said no, there was nothing
that could stand in the way
of our hearts who were here
to say yes.

- storypeople -

 (an old, prepared post from my archive)

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Freitag, 6. Mai 2016

Contrasting colors

Enough fluid

I try not to cry about everything I’ve done wrong she said, 
because I don’t get enough fluids as it is already.

- storypeople -

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Friday's Hunt

Starts with "S" - a store, fluttering in the wind...
(at the abandoned hotel, about I've written here)

... or stairs

Weeks favorite are tulips

... and this outdoor room makes me smile

Friday Five and a witness of the past.

Good morning,

it's time for Five with Nancy, Amy, Tanya and Cath.


On monday we were in Schierke and I took some photos of the last old abandoned hotel.
It will be demolished soon, as has been the other two.
It is abandoned since over 20 years and very desolate, so I took pictures only from outside.


The small town Schierke was once so close to the inner-German border, that it was not allowed to visit the town and the nice area.
The only way was to take a holiday accommodation in one of three large holiday homes.
They were then in ownership of the working-peoples-union and it was very good value for families.
For the money, what you pay today for one single night, we lived there 2 weeks and still got three meals a day.


We have several times spent there holiday and I have lovely memories.
In winter the snow was higher than I ... and there was an ice rink.
In the summer we hiked through beautiful green forest and mountains and when we were tired on the way back, we could see from a distance the large convalescent home.


After the collapse of the GDR this home became a hotel, but it was too expensive
 for most people and the guests were from.
In this time many people lost their jobs and had other concerns as vacation trips 
(this is still the matter today, and more and more people can not pay for travels).
And who has the money, travels to another countries...
So the hotel was abandoned and it has fallen more and more.
In the coming weeks it will be demolished and these are definitely the last photos.
In my mind I am again wandered through the large corridors and rooms, as then, as a little girl ...
A sad farewell.


And now the poetic part - лирический часть

This is a box full of wishes & every one is different & every one lasts for just long enough for you to decide if it's really worth doing & when you finally decide on your real wish it will fill up your whole heart & soul & it will leak out of your eyes sometimes when you least expect it & you will start to glow just a little & here & there, you will see other people who glow a little, too, because they have found their real wish. That is how you know someone who has a real wish, because it marks you forever with love.

- storypeople -

Have a wonderful weekend