Montag, 31. März 2014

Mascha mixt montags - No. 41 -

Mit diesem Post möchte ich an der Aktion „Literary Stylings” bei Fashion for Giants teilnehmen.
Ich habe mir einen Klassiker ausgesucht, die „Feldblumen“ (1840) von Adalbert Stifter (1805-1868), in den gesammelten Werken unter „Studien“ zu finden.
Aus Kapitel 2 („Veilchen“) habe ich einen kleinen Textabschnitt gewählt, der mich besonders anspricht. Die Stimmung, die  dieser Text bei mir erzeugt, habe ich dann in Kleidung umzusetzen versucht. Wobei das Gesamtbild diesmal auch etwas inszeniert ist...

Adalbert Stifter – Feldblumen - 1840

"...Zwei alte Wünsche meines Herzens stehen auf. Ich möchte eine Wohnung von zwei großen Zimmern haben, mit wohlgebohnten Fußböden, auf denen kein Stäubchen liegt; sanft grüne oder perlgraue Wände, daran neue Geräthe, edel, massiv, antik einfach, scharfkantig und glänzend; seidne, graue Fenstervorhänge, wie matt geschliffenes Glas, in kleine Falten gespannt, und von seitwärts gegen die Mitte zu ziehen. In dem einen der Zimmer wären ungeheure Fenster, um Lichtmassen hereinzulassen und mit obigen Vorhängen für trauliche Nachmittagsdämmerung. Rings im Halbkreise stände eine Blumenwildniß, und mitten darin säße ich mit meiner Staffelei, und versuchte endlich jene Farben zu erhaschen, die mir ewig im Gemüthe schweben und Nachts durch meine Träume dämmern – ach, jene Wunder, die in Wüsten prangen, über Oceanen schweben und den Gottesdienst der Alpen feiern helfen. An den Wänden hinge ein oder der andere Ruysdael oder ein Claude, ein sanfter Guido und Kindergesichtchen von Murillo. In dieses Paphos und Eldorado ginge ich dann nie anders, als nur mit der unschuldigsten, glänzendsten Seele, um zu malen oder mir sonst dichterische Feste zu geben. Ständen noch etwa zwischen dunkelblättrigen Tropengewächsen ein paar weiße, ruhige Marmorbilder alter Zeit, dann wäre freilich des Vergnügens letztes Ziel und Ende erreicht...."

With this post I would like to take part in the "Literary stylings" at Fashion for Giants.
I chose a classic German languaged literature, the "Field Flowers" (1840) by Adalbert Stifter (1805-1868), in the collected works under "Studies".
From Chapter 2 ("Violet") have selected a small piece of text that particularly appeals to me.
The mood that generates this text with me, I then tried to put into clothing. Where the overall picture is this time a little staged ...

"...Two old desires of my heart are on . I want an apartment of two large rooms have , with wohlgebohnten floors that do not have a speck of dust is ; gentle green or pearl-gray walls , because new implements , noble , solid, antique simple, sharp and shiny , silken , gray window curtains, such as matte cut glass , stretched into small wrinkles, and to draw from sideways against the center . In one of the rooms were huge windows to let in light and with masses above curtains for confidential afternoon dusk. Ring in a semicircle stands a Blumenwildniß , and the midst of it I was sitting with my easel , trying to finally catch those colors that float me forever in the mind and dawn night through my dreams - oh those miracles that are emblazoned in deserts hover over Oceanen and celebrate the worship of the Alps help . On the walls are executed one or the other or a Claude Ruysdael , a gentle childlike Guido and Murillo . In this Paphos and Eldorado I would then never otherwise than with the most innocent , the most brilliant mind to paint or otherwise to give me poetic festivals. Stands still as darker colored tropical plants between a pair of white , quiet marble images of old time, then of course, would be of pleasure final destination and end achieved..."

Adalbert Stifter - "Field Flowers"

Sonntag, 30. März 2014

Das erste Grün der Bäume

The first green of the trees

Unter dem Motto "Mein Freund der Baum" werden bei The Boxing Duck wieder Baumfotos gesammelt.
Auf unserem heutigen Spaziergang begegnete uns schon das erste zaghafte Grün.
So zeitig im Jahr habe ich es noch nie erlebt bei den Bäumen...

Under the slogan "My friend the tree"  are collected at The Boxing Duck again tree photos.
On our walk today already met us the first tentative green.
So early in the year I have it never seen with the trees ...

Our Beautiful World: Bloom

Beginning bloom
of the first tree,
in my garden
so early this year
makes me happy
in the morning

Photos from today - the miracle begins now...

Little green world... and a Lent song

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When I was ten...

Things I wanted to do when I was ten 
1. Make a wagon into a restaurant & travel around the world having adventures with my invisible pet dinosaur. Most of the adventures would start with people buying food from us 
2. Light things on fire to see how they would burn 
3. Dig an underground fort & live there except at mealtime & at night because I hate dirt in my food & my pajamas 
4. Discover a continent or an island & not tell my parents where it was because they'd just make me clean it

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Samstag, 29. März 2014


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As my part to Louis' Lenten Devotion Psalm 75 (in Russian Bible 74)

Primroses in my garden and a Lent Song

A Russian Lent Song:

Translated with Google-Translator:

Fasting with prayer warms my heart ,
Above the earth chimes.
Reverend Father, our Andrew ,
Bitterly read your holy canon .
That soul from crying become
About damned past days ?
Cried my heart and lips :
- God, have mercy , do not reject me !

Oh, Adam , the first human ,
Fell in heaven and cried endlessly .
Cry, the soul, and you are standing far away
From his Lord and Creator .

Oh, soul , until damned ?
Likened Eve fell into sin.
Bring same now Repentance
God and Lord of all .

Was banished from Eden worthy
For only one commandment Adam .
Oh, soul , with you where we will be ,
All violating many years ?

Oh, soul , what is your hope?
Fasting and cry weapons take .
Clothed in torn clothes,
In those ancient serpent istkal advice .

Oh, the soul , the end too far off ,
Awake at the doors Judge .
We are with you justify nothing,
What are you contrition oh my soul ?

Me again closed water
Life passes like incense smoke.
Joseph was sold fraternity ,
Thou, soul , sells evil .

Shot by an arrow of adultery
Then David arose but repentance .
Well you , soul , lived crafty since childhood,
Do evil , forgetting Christ.

Oh, soul , my soul , arise,
Near the end , and have no tears.
Cry and heart, and lips
Yes , Jesus Christ have mercy on thee !

Dropping to the innocence of the dove ,
All the sins of the Blessed to fall down .
Not forsake omnipotent Queen ,
Seest our suffering and our misfortune .

Oh, Andrew , most blessed Father ,
Cretan shepherd , I'll sing .
Yes escape new sins
True worshipers of your memory .

Hieromonk Roman
March 24, 1987 ( on the Canon of St.. Andrew of Crete )
 ( I have reworked translation something if I could see the errors, sorry, I can not better English)

Freitag, 28. März 2014

Behind the railway station

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St. John

Random 5 Friday

This is my random-everyday-colors-post .
I'm a lazy person . If I take off the shoes, I do not put them behind the curtain , but let them stand in front of it . I could even pick up again soon ...
But the next day, I prefer other shoes to match the clothes.
Throughout the week, then there is a color palette of shoes in the corridor ...
But I love those color moods that arise in everyday life by chance .

I have two old books get new.
Dostoevsky and a book with golden cover and slipcase.

The golden book contains reproductions of paintings on the subject of play and dance .
This is an image of the painter Moritz von Schwind and I think it fits very well with the spring time.
The colored dresses and the merry dance.
I like those pictures .

This week I got my crown at the dentist.
And I had a particular association. In many dental practices iss droning music. Nothing especially, just ordinary radio music . I do not like that and I think they should play stylish music for the occasion.
So if you get a crown, a " Coronation Mass " should to be played .
In a normal treatment a “ Miserere " and for root canal treatment of teeth and pull " De Profundis "
With such thoughts I make myself the dentist treatment tolerable. If I have to smile inwardly ...

And now the poetic part - лирический часть

Nancy's post from Tuesday reminded me of this poem
one of my favorite Russian poet Vyacheslav Kupriyanov

Урок пения

изобрел клетку
чем крыля

В клетках
поют крылатые
о свободе

Перед клетками
поют бецкрылые
о справедливости

singing lesson

Formerly known as wings
man has
invented cages

In the cages
sing Winged
about the freedom
of the flight

Against the cages
sing the wings lots
about justice
of the cages

- Vyacheslav Kupriyanov -
(translated with Google-Translator)

Written for Nancy's Random 5 Friday

The lower and the upper...

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