Donnerstag, 31. Juli 2014

31ого июлья

Вот и лето пройдёт
тихо незаметно
и дождей было много
и гроза и жара
скоро осень придёт...
Вот и жизнь так пройдёт
тихо незаметно
и где-то вдали
и совсем без меня
так хочется уйти
куда-то уйти
только это не данно...

И Тарковский сказал:
только этого мало...

It cannot fall over...

...the trees hold it on ;-)

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Summertime refreshment

My alldays summertime refreshment ist greens tea with Moroccan mint.
 We drink it warm, like the Oriental use.
It's not always good to drink iced drinks on hot summer days.
Although: ice cream I very like.
But I do not eat it every day

52 Photos Project


Dienstag, 29. Juli 2014


Orchid is the theme of this week at 52 Pick-me-up.

When I was a little girl, my father took me into the forest, looking for orchids. They were hard to find, Cephalanthera damasonium - we have long sought.
Every year we went back there, sometimes there were multiple and sometimes flourished none of them.
In a meadow we were looking for Orchis morio.
The wild orchids in Germany are very rare, inconspicuous and small. No colorful exotic flowers ...

That's why we call rare courses at the Universities "Orchid subjects".
Such as Caucasian studies, Onomastik or rare languages.
There are only a few students, a small circle. I think that will be familiar and interesting and an inspiring contact with the other interested peoples. This I have often missed in my life... -
I would have liked to study such a subject (but real I haven't make a study).
I am interested, for example, of Chinese writing or Old Slavonic language.

That's what comes through my head about orchids .

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Wordless - без слов -

Montag, 28. Juli 2014


The clock shows me minutes and hours
it is my little alldays time...
The calendar shows me days and weeks
until the years end.
The garden shows me seasons in the year.
The old dying tree shows me decades.
The house shows me centuries to.
The cemetery tells me that our time will ends
and all the time is in HIS hands.

Found on a village cemetery

Old royal conservatory

Samstag, 26. Juli 2014

Flowers in the town

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Landmark: The Brocken Mountain

The most prominent natural landmark in our region is the Brocken Mountain.
Here was the former German-German border and you could not go up.
So we said jokingly: It is the highest mountain in the world, no one can climb ;-)
Really the high is 1143m and there was army and a weather station. But strict security measures to prevent exodus of GDR citizens.

Since the opening of the border in 1990, the mountain is a popular destination.
From Wernigerode goes up a steam train.
The drive through the countryside is very picturesque and beautiful.

But otherwise is up there on the mountain usually very bad and cold weather, lots of wind or dense fog, you can not see much often.
And it looks very unpoetic with the  technical buildings.
I more like the other beautiful Harz mountains.
But sometimes you just caught a good day and in such a I took the photos, in the previous year.