Freitag, 26. Dezember 2014

Friday Five and Solstice

Last monday was winter solstice.
We made our traditional forest walk.
Every year the same way on this day.

It is every year the same way, but it is always different.
Every year we have different weather, different light mood.
Sometimes snow, sometimes severe frost, sometimes dark, sometimes bright, mild and grey ...
In the pictures you can not see how stormy it was this year.
The running was very difficult to fight against wind gusts.
But it was wonderful and a truly magical day.

All elements were present.
In the treetops blew the wind spirits.
In the air was a little rain.
And the light made a famous rainbow...

Look back and look forward...

At a certain place, near by four old oaks we made a feast for all the elves and animals.
Such a mandala we do every year (here is it from last year).
We wish all a Merry Christmas and good luck to survive the winter.

Then we go home and it will be dark soon.
It is a great solace that the longest night, the deepest darkness turns and the light will return.
In general: the nature gives peace and relaxation, even if it is not always a peaceful weather.
It is every year a special day and a good walk.

PS: The second version of the illustrated Angel-story is here.

I wrote this post on tuesday.
Today  I'm glad that we had at least this one holiday.
Christmas is down this year because of the worries with the heavy injured cat.

 She is the most suspicious cat what I've ever seen and every visit to the Vet destroyed their confidence for many days and then she hides out and not comes to me.
This time, after surgery and anesthesia she was severely traumatized and it was impossible to let her out. But closed doors she can not accept and she panicked.
I could not calm her, she  made 12h long rampage in spite of her wound. That was cruel, and of course no salvation success. Finally, I've opened the door and she quickly disappeared.
Early yesterday. All day long I sought in vain. This morning she was in the vicinity of the garden, but inaccessible to humans area. There she meowed very weak.
But she did not come to me, so gon further away.
It is very cold and wet and icy wind and her was shaved off half the fur.
I do not know how long she survived.
Today, we must go to the Vet, ge  antibiotics, but I can not captured her.
It is a drama and I'm stumped. Tried everything.
Door is open all the time, but they will not come.
By the long time she had her reflection enough ... she will died this time. 

It's so sad, but what shall I do, what I had yet not tried?
It is really not a good time.
Christmas is canceled this year.

Mittwoch, 24. Dezember 2014