Freitag, 5. Dezember 2014

Friday Five and Christmas market


This week has been full of worries and problems in various areas.
That takes often many lifetime and energy, but it's not worth writing about.


We had fog, but it froze to ice on the roads.
So I could not go out to take pictures.


Just yesterday I made some pictures of our Christmas market.
It was opened last friday evening.
It smells there wonderful and you get many delicious things to eat.


This panorama is still incomplete.
Each year a new character is added, carved by a local artist and paid by donations from the residents of our town.


A part of the market is designed as a fairy forest.
There is a big goal for adults and a small for dwarfs.
This series I call "The arrival of the dvarves"

Have a great time all.


  1. How different your Christmas looks from ours in our warm, and more commercialised climate. I looove the entrance for the "dwarves". Magic! xo JJ

  2. Ich habe jetzt nur die Bilder gesehen ohne die Worte zu verstehen. :-)
    Muss schön sein in eurer kleinen Stadt wenn Weihanchtsmarkt ist. I
    ch mag Weihnachtsmärkte sehr gern. Die Atmosphäre und die Gerüche sind etwas besonderes.
    Wir waren letzten Sonntag in Einsiedeln einem Wallfahrtsort am Weihnachtsmarkt.

    Alles Liebe und Gute dir.

  3. Let's hope the your worries and problems are all in the past. Your pictures of the Christmas market are so festive. I would love to experience a market someday, we don't have these here. As we approach Christmas I hope that you have much joy in your life. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  4. I love your old world architecture ~ so charming and the Christmas decorations are simply gorgeous! I would love to stroll around your market soaking up the ambiance and fragrances. It looks simply magical! Thanks for inviting me to see today's photos, dear!

  5. This looks like a wonderful place to visit. So much character.

  6. I would love to visit that Market and wander about gazing at each wonderful scene. Such an interesting place.

  7. Ich liebe Weihnachtsmärkte. Danke fürs teilen beim Friday My Town Shoot Out.

  8. Oh how I wish I could visit your Christmas market. It's so festive and it's beautiful too.

  9. Absolutely beautiful photography ~ love the market decorations and the creche ~ what Xmas is all about.

    Happy Weekend,
    artmusedog and carol

  10. This Christmas market looks fabulous. A little too cold here for an outdoors marker.

  11. This looks just wonderful! I would love to visit the market!

  12. Sorry to hear you've had troubles and worries and pray that they will ease so you can have a lovely Christmas.
    What an awesome market place. This is super festive looking and so different from the US. I just loved seeing your photos. They were fun and magical.

  13. Wonderful photos from the Christmas market. I also enjoyed your black and white photos from the market.

  14. Beautiful images, thanks for sharing some Christmas magic.

  15. i really, really enjoyed your post and that christmas market is spectacular! i am sorry you are having a stressful week...hope things settle down for you soon! thank you for linking and hope you are enjoying your weekend!!

  16. schöne Bilder von euerem Weihnachtsmarkt, die Zwergentunnel ist ja süß :-)
    Schön das du auch jetzt wieder bei "OBW" dabei bist :-)

  17. Oh my it looks fabulous!! I must come and visit there!! I do hope your week gets better .. Thanks so much for sharing at OBW!

  18. Wonderfull fotos Xmas market happy Advent , best regard from Belgium.


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