Mittwoch, 15. März 2017

Deepest desires

Wish for your deepest desires, she said & when I asked if they’d come true, she said they always do, so you might as well get them out in the open while you’re still young enough to correct any serious mistakes.

- storypeople -

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Sonntag, 12. März 2017

Medieval love song

A German love song, performed by the Neofolk band "Werkraum"
Don't ask me - I cannot understand the old aged words...

Samstag, 11. März 2017

Projekt Fassaden - März -

Wieder gibt es bei Olaf ein Projekt Fassaden.
Hier einige Bilder von der Altstadt in Osterwieck.
Die Häuser stehen unter Denkmalschutz, aber wer hat schon das Geld
und die Liebe, solch ein altes Haus zu restaurieren?
Zu DDR-Zeiten war vieles noch bewohnt,
aber nun verfällt es seit über 25 Jahren immer mehr.
Gelegentlich wird es noch als Filmkulisse genutzt.


Freitag, 10. März 2017

Blooming hosta

Friday Five and "About old age"

Good morning,
it's friday again and time to join with
Tanya's Willy Nilly Friday Five and Amy's Five on Friday.
I'm also linking up this post with All Seasonsand Inspire Me Monday


Last weeks I had not time for Friday Five,
in early spring is to much to do around home and garden.


On sunday I fell down a steep staircase and injured my left knee.
Now I have more time again for blogging.
It is not really serious injury, it takes only a few days.


Quote of the week:

I feel like I should clean the house.
So I am going to read until the feeling passes.

- Susan Wiggs -


In last weeks I got some famous new books.
The three at the first photo I've searched after I read about them in different blogs... 
the other are random finds for a very little money. 
For me they are a treasure and a pleasure...


Two days before I found a breathtaking video of the Russian photographer Igor Kliminov 
"About old age"
The photos are speaking for themselves and the words - a capter from the "Book of Mirdad" by Mikha'il Na'ima - are spoken very well by Nik Osho.

I think, it's stunning to see and hear even without understanding,
I hope, you can enjoy the beauty of the Russian language like me.

Below is an English translation of the thoughtful text,
made with google translator - it seemed me to much to do it by myself...
But I necessarily will read this book, it is in German too.

Michael Naima "Book of Mirdad" (excerpt)

About old age.

Old age is a burden for man and for the animal. But the people were doubly heavier than the indifferent heartlessness of her. When a young child is born, he is surrounded with caress and care. And everyone expresses to him to strive for his love. However, a man burdened for years, no one will remember, and rather reward him with disdain than caress. And just as they admire the growth of their offspring enthusiastically, they wish the grave to the Elder passionately.
Old men and children are equally helpless. And yet the helplessness of the child will awaken love unselfish, parents aspire to help him as they can. But not many people will offer help to the old man, but, helping, they will complain discontentedly, grumble and be angry with fate, wishing the old man a speedy death. In fact, the elderly are worthy of your care than infants.
When you have to knock a word for a long time, so that an ear can enter it, that once there was a whisper,
When shadows dance in the haze of the mist and outshine the eye, which used to be sharp,
When the lead weight becomes a foot that was previously winged, and the hands that made life, do not hold a straw,
When the knees tremble, and the head on the neck hangs, like a sheet of dry,
When the millstone was ground into powder itself, and the mill was quieted by a sullen cave,
When, when you get up, you are afraid to fall, you sit down with doubt: "Will I get up?",
When you eat and drink, fearing the consequences, and if you do not start eating and drinking, then you will invite Death to the threshold,
When old age comes to a man, my friends, then it's time for him to lend his eyes and ears, give him both hands and feet, to support his weakening powers with love, so that he feels that he is no less desired by this Life in the slope of his years than in Childhood fleeting.
And what is eighty years for eternity? Just inhale and exhale. But a man who has grown himself all eighty years is more than just breathing in and out. It will be a harvest for those who will reap life. And is there life that is not reaping?
Now you are reaping the fruits of those lives that men gave to the earth, women who lived and died before you. Your speech is nothing but the harvest of the speeches of others. Thoughts are just collections of old thoughts. All clothing and homes, all utensils, food and water, traditions, customs and laws are nothing more than
clothes, dwellings and food of all those who used to live.
And every second you own not just one thing, but you benefit from everything that was. You are sowers and fruits, reapers, fields, barn, where the harvest is stored. And if your harvest is poor, see the grains that you planted in the hearts of other people, the fruits reap the influence of them in yourself.
The old man, whose fruits you will reap and reap in the barn, is worthy of the utmost attention on your part. And if by indifference you poison the rest of his days, those years when you could collect a delicious harvest, then the fruits that you collected and the fruits that you can still collect will turn out to be rotten. Everything is the same with a dying animal.
It's wrong to cash in on the fruits and curse the one who raised them.
My friends, you are kind to people of any country, religion. They will guide you to the Lord. Especially closely watch the old people, or the evil is poisoned their fruits will be, and you will never reach the end.
Kindly you are to all animals of any age. They are, at least taciturn, helping during the gatherings to you in a long way. Especially closely watch you for the animals that grow old, so that your indifference, cruelty does not frighten off their devotion, and that their help does not become a hindrance to you.

Have a nice weekend.

Mittwoch, 8. März 2017

Sonntagmorgen - Sunday morning

Letzte Woche hatten wir einige wunderbar warme Frühlingstage
und schon kamen sie alle heraus
und es war ein reges Treiben im Sonnenschein
am Sonntagmorgen.
Mittlerweile ist es wieder kalt
aber dieser Vorgeschmack auf den Frühling hilft mir
den Rest zu überstehen.
Ich habe es sehr genossen!

Last week we had some wonderfully warm spring days
and they all came out
it was a lively activity in the sunshine
on sunday morning.
Meanwhile, it is cold again
but this taste of spring helps me
to survive the rest.
I really enjoyed it!

Wordless - без слов -

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Dienstag, 7. März 2017

Ready to hear

Walking away from all the things I know 
because something in me whispers it’s time
 to not know again & this time I think
 I might be ready to hear the secrets the world has kept safe
 for me my whole life.

- storypeople -