Sonntag, 28. September 2014

An empty room...

An empty room a
lonely house and in the air
so many whispers

I took these pictures around 1992 in the same old house of this post.
I've scanned paper pictures.
At that time, after the collapse of the GDR, there were a lot of old abandoned houses.
People have moved away after the border was open ...
Meanwhile, these houses are almost all gone. Most are demolished, some have been restored.
At this time I was in many houses and factories, have felt its special atmosphere and heard what they tell me. - These were very many stories and each house had a peculiar face, for me ...

Höre - listen - слушай

Musik umgibt uns überall
doch sie ist nicht nur im Radio
im Konzertsaal, im TV
und nicht immer von Menschen gemacht.

Musik macht der Wind in den Bäumen
sie ist in den Lüften, im Sommergewitter
im Rascheln der Blätter im Herbst
und wenn du ganz still bist
hörst du an nassen Nebeltagen
leise die Tropfen
von den Bäumen fallen
und im Winter den klirrenden Frost.

Musik ist in den Straßen der Stadt
klingt aus offenen Fenstern
Musik spielt auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt.
Doch Musik ist auch in leeren verlassenen Häusern
wenn du genau hinhörst.
Und wenn die Häuser abgerissen werden
das Knacken der Balken gibt auch einen eigenen
einen letzten Ton...

Musik ist im Gesang der Vögel
und - fast hätte ich es vergessen -
im Maunzen und Schnurren meiner Katze auch
(sie kam gerade zum Fenster herein
während ich dies schreibe)

Musik ist in der Sprache
ein ganz eigener Klang
in allen Sprachen verschieden.
Musik ist in der Poesie...

Music is all around us
but music isn't only in the radio
in the concert hall
and not always made of us...

Music makes the wind in the trees
in the air, in summerthe thunderstorms
in the rustling of the leaves in autumn
and if you are very still
you can hear on wet foggy days
quietly drops
fall from the trees
and in winter the clinking frost.

 Music is in the streets
sounds from open windows
music plays at the Christmas market
but music is even in empty abandoned houses
if you listen closely
and if the houses to be demolished
the cracking of the beams is also an especially
and their last sound ...

Music is the song of the birds
and - I've almost forgotten -
the meowing and purring of my cat
(they just came in through the window
as I write this)

Music is in the language
an own unique sound
different in all countries​​.
Music is in the poetry ...

Das schrieb Eva Strittmatter


Irgendwo hab ich gelesen,
Dass man in einer Stadt
Sehr alte hölzerne Häuser
Abgerissen hat.

Aus dem alten Holz baut man Geigen,
Die sollen besonders klingen.
Das ist sicher chemisch zu klären.
Ich denke aber, sie singen

Von lange vergangenem Leben,
Das ist in das Holz eingedrungen
Und mit unregistrierbarer Schwingung
Bis heute herüber geklungen.

Wird die Geige gespielt, hört man Töne,
Die nicht in den Noten stehen.
Es ist, als ob die Verstummten
Summend vorübergehen.

Das ist eine schöne Legende.
Und ich träume: in meinem Gedicht
Soll immer etwas mitklingen,
Was für die Stimmlosen spricht.

The last word has the German Poet Eva Strittmatter


Somewhere I read,
The fact that in a city
Very old wooden houses
Has demolished.

From the old wood to build violins,
The are very sound.
This is sure to clarify chemically.
But I think they sing

From long past life,
Has penetrated into the wood
And with unregisterable vibration
Until today sounded across.

If the violin played, you can hear sounds,
Are not in the notes.
It is as if the silenced
Humming pass.

This is a beautiful legend.
And I dream: in my poem
Should always resonate something
What speaks for the voiceless.

Samstag, 27. September 2014

Sundays Picture

Ballerina Mom

Whenever she stood in line at the bank,
or while waiting for the bus, I noticed her feet.
The right always in front & perpendicular to the left just so.
Even after 2 children, she still dreamed of being a dancer.

- storypeople -

Freitag, 26. September 2014


My wish that came true

When I was a child, I had very terrible clothes.
Ugly and unfashionable. I could not feel comfortable in it and all the other children laughed at me ... But I was forced to wear these clothes. Sometimes with penalties...

Often I read fairytales of girls in ragged clothes, which marry a prince. And then they had chests full of beautiful clothes ... that was often the end of the story.
No, I not dreamed  of a prince, I just wanted chests full of beautiful clothes!
That was my child dream.

Later as an adult I have my clothing knitted, sewn and dyed in beautiful colors. I had no other choice than to do it by myself, because in the former GDR we had not to buy any nice clothes. Many things we had not...

Today I do not longer sew by myself, but I fulfilled my childhood dream: I have baskets full of beautiful clothes!
I collect vintage clothing in beautiful colors, many longskirts and robes. I wear only what I like and what is comfortable for me...
 I enjoy the variety of materials and colors of all the clothes, that we have today.
And it's all to get cheap at flea markets or in the Charity Depot...
And my personal prince I've also get ;-)

Inside and outside...

Shared with Weekend Reflection

Forest walk...

... in the beginning autumn

The days are getting shorter,
morning is dark when I get up ...
It is still green around
the autumnal coloration comes later.
In mid-October here with us.


(really it's more orange than red - )

Ein Stück Himmel - кусочек неба -

Donnerstag, 25. September 2014

Begonia tuberosa

A beautiful entrance...

S like stairs

Let's have a little break...

Yesterday I randomly looked out the window and saw five young peoples, who made a break in the middle of the road.
It was a picturesque sight, and I took some pictures.
They came from a big city and had to seek some certain places in our little town.
They were tired and could not find anything. 
I have to explain the way.
I hope, they have it found...

Our email - could you send us the photos?
(Of course, I will do)

Anmerkung: ich habe mehrmals  versucht, die Fotos an die Adresse zu senden, aber es wurde vom Server immer zurückgewiesen.
Falls Ihr es hier seht oder jemand erkennt, bitte einen Hinweis, dann sende ich die Bilder noch.