Mittwoch, 30. Oktober 2013

52 Photos Project: Celebration

- The last roses -

We celebrate birthdays , Christmas, Easter and other important days. This is normal .
But I think you can also celebrate other days and events all on its own or with framily, friends...
For example, the first snow, the blossoming lime trees , a particularly lovely summer day , the rain after a long time , the last sunny days in the fall or the last roses.
As we focus our attention on the things that they are something special that will be remembered for long.
Celebration means for me to experience and enjoy something deliberately .
We do not need a day standing in the calendar , we make ourselves a day of holiday.
Often we go on those days to a beautiful place, take a picnic or a book from which we each read our poems.
Or simply smell the roses, their fragrance in the heart keep for a long time barren and cold winter ...
The eyes worn and the last rays of feeling in the face ...
Just be creative and find things that mean something to you personally and so let us celebrate life!

Montag, 28. Oktober 2013

The last yellow...

Mascha mixt montags - No. 20 -

Eines meiner blauen Kleider...

Blau ist meine Lieblingsfarbe.
Die Grundfarbe sozusagen.
Obwohl ich alle Farben mag.
Ich habe Blau in vielen Dingen um mich herum...
Nur meine blauen Kleider trage ich eher selten –
vielleicht, weil sie etwas Besonders sind (?)

Hier ein uraltes Kord- Kittelkleid, optisch verlängert durch einen Seidenrock in der Farbe der Ausschnittblende.
Darüber eine leichte lässige Wolljacke - mein ältestes erhaltenes Blau ist meine Lieblingsfarbe.
DIY-Teil, ungefähr 1978 gemacht.
Den Schnitt dafür fand ich in der tschechischen Zeitschrift „Dievca“ (Mädchen), die ich damals sehr gern las und die mir so manche Inspiration bescherte...
Die Kanten sind umhäkelt und damit die Teile zusammengefügt, die Applikationen habe ich mir selbst dazu ausgedacht.
Der Stoff war ein Fund von einem Dachboden, der einzige, der da noch nicht mottenzerfressen war...
Und so lebt diese Jacke bis heute, auch wenn ich sie längst nur noch selten – eben zu diesem Kleid - trage...

One of my blue dresses...

Blue is my favorite color.
The base color , so to speak .
Although I like all colors.
I have blue in many things around me ...
Only clothes I wear my blue rare -
perhaps because they are something special (?)

Here an ancient corduroy smock dress, visually extended by a silk skirt in the color of the neck band .
In a lightweight casual cardigan - my oldest preserved DIY pice , made ​​about 1978 .
The section that I found in the Czech magazine " Dievca " (girl), who love to read and it did so gave me some inspiration ...
The edges are crocheted and joined together so that the parts that applications I thought to myself .
The fabric was a find of an attic , the only one who was not there moth-eaten ...
And so this jacket lives up to today , even though I rarely - just for this dress - wear.

Blau ist die Farbe der Ferne.
Blue is the color of distance.

Freitag, 25. Oktober 2013

Random 5 Friday

Before the house is a plum tree. he is very old and rotten, 
you can not pick the top plums, because the branches break ...
But the plums are delicious.

A few days ago there was a storm and there are many plums dropped.
I have baked a cake with them.

Honestly, I do not love kitchen work 
and do only the bare minimum usually.
I have other issues, which is interested in and cook is a lot of stress for me. For I am not able to multitask...
Baking is easier, you can better do the steps sequentially.
I'm also not interesting for recipes, as do most people.
I rarely cook from recipes because I do not have the things that are necessary to do so. 
And I can not always buy them ...
So, I'm more creative from the things that I random have and sometimes it's strange dishes. But they're often good.

Only sometimes I use this old cookbook.
It is from 1920, written by Dr. Oetker for school girls.
"Dr. Oetker" is a well-known brand in Germany to this day for food.
He produced the first baking soda.
Here in the book is it described as "new-caking agent" ...

I have a new teapot. I think he looks like from a fairy tale.
I imagine, my tea is a magic potion, can heal pain and work miracles.
As a child, those suggestions have worked well.
Today I try it ...

And it is really a miracle happened. That's with "Random 5 Friday" in my blog.
I have previously made ​​the blog for books and poems and images of beauty, that I've seen.
Personal things I did not write, because I think that this don't interest anyone.
Only with this nice meme I begin to tell facts of me.
And I find that foreign readers, far away, read it and feel with me.
It speaks from the comments - I would have never thought of before.

I thank all the readers who share with me and take part on my life.
This is a miracle for me.
And I drink a cup of tea on their well-being of this new cup

Thank you all and have a good friday :-)

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