Montag, 26. Februar 2018

Komm in mein Boot schöne Katze

Komm in mein Boot schöne Katze
dein Fell ist wundervoll anzuschaun
und gemeinsam schnurrst du uns in den Traum.
Dein Schnurren ist wie ein Motor
und so gleitet das Schifflein aus dem Hafen hervor
träumend umfahren wir die Welt
nach Venedig und hinauf zum Sternenzelt
Lasz uns am Südpol vor Anker gehn
und gemeinsam die Pinguine sehn

Come in my boat beautiful cat
your coat is wonderful to look at
and together you are whisking us into dream.
Your puring is like a motor
and so the ship slides out of the harbor
dreaming we drive around the world
to Venice and up to the firmament
Let's anchor at the Southern Pole
and visit the penguins

My last entry for Art Journal Journey in this month

Sonntag, 25. Februar 2018

Bits of the world

Gathering up bits of the world & setting them out
in an order that her children can understand

- storypeople -

Made for Try it on Tuesday , My Sunday Best and Tuesday's Treasures

I'm still in a blog break, but I've played around a little, 
inspired by Try it on Tuesday's prompt "Vintage"

Sonntag, 18. Februar 2018

An old song and a blog break


With this post I'm going in a blog break for some time (don't just know, how long).

Have a good time.

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Freitag, 16. Februar 2018

Friday Five and daily randoms

Good morning,
it's friday, the week is flowing over
and now it's time for Willy Nilly Friday Five.


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My sweetheart gave me to Valentine's Day a box of wooden stamps.
Very nice and useful for me...


On Valentine's Day we were in an Indian Restaurant.
It's the first one, that I had a meal outside of home, since I'm living glutenfree and without eggs (fucking allergies!). Normal German food is not a good idea, they make too much with wheat flour and eggs and I can not even eat pommes, if breaded chicken nuggets are made in the same frying fat. That makes life very complicate.
What a luck, that we have just in our town an Indian restaurant, it was all good for me and very yummy. Have enjoyed all the delights, even more, as my nutrition is very boring since a halfyear and nothing is truly delightful (okay, you can eat, what I cooke by myself, but so many things are no-go now 
and I haven't the money for yummy alternatives) 
This meal was a big highlight in my life and I'm very grateful for it.


My working desk, yesterday.


Got these tulips from the "Table" (Charity) .
They had very little food this one, but a lot of not-saled flowers (after Valentine's Day).
Tha't an especially happiness for me.

Have a nice weekend

Donnerstag, 15. Februar 2018

Stunde der Katzen - Hour of the cats

dämmrung ist die stunde der katzen
sie atmen den tag aus
schleichen schwarz übern weg
spielen eisenbahn mit ihren augen

die katzen tragen den mond fort
sie sprechen in bildern
lachen im graben den unfug aus
verspotten den artigen wind

die jagd auf die vögel ist verschoben
die katzen wissen was recht ist
sie stürmen mein kartenhaus
verschlingen ungelesen meine briefe

ich schreibe: wir sollten die katzen
loben in der stunde der dämmrung

- Friedrich Christian Delius -

Twilight is the hour of the cats
they breathe out the day
sneak black over away
Play the railway with your eyes

the cats carry on the moon
they speak in pictures
laugh in the trench the mischief
mock the like wind

the hunt for the birds is postponed
The cats know what's right
they storm my card house
devour unread my letters

I write: we should the cats
Praise in the hour of dawn

- by Friedrich Christian Delius -

Made for Art Journal Journey
Art Journal Journey

Mittwoch, 14. Februar 2018

Light switch

Someone told her today you need the dark
to appreciate the light & for a moment she tried
to believe this was true.
But then, she snapped out of it & decided
to hell with that & went off & appreciated
the light all on its own.

- storypeople -

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Dienstag, 13. Februar 2018

Tea in the library

Today lets have a tea in my "library".
A tea and a famous weekly newspaper.
I love newspapers, their rustling when opening and reading a lot, 
could spend the day with them...
And old newspapers are well to use as a base for painting 
or pasting binders for my collage sheets.
With an e-paper you can do nothing do except reading and reading 
on the screen is too exhausting for my bad eyes.
The bookshelf in background includes a lot of great books.

I'm a big booklover. That means paper-books.
It's only one shelf from a lot, therefore I call the room library.
Especially I like books with pictures: photobooks, 
art book or well illustrated childrens books.
Have a big collection ans I like them all.
There are books, it bothers me, they have no pictures, 
because the text calls for pictures. 
And so I illustrate them by myself.

Except books I love cats (you've probably noticed that long ago) and birds.
My cat love birds too, hehe -
I could never lock a bird in a cage, they are a symbol of freedom for me.
Often wish, I could fly.
Often dream to have a bird nearby, a little bird on my hand 
or a big bird as my companoin. As in a fairytale...

The acrylic painting, what I show today, is, frankly, not my own motive.
I saw a painting in the web, what spoke to me.
I could not buy it, so I've decided to paint a simimliar, only for myself.
It's not a copy, I painted only the subject from my memory.
I so wanted to have such a picture!
I painted it in january.
Not quite satisfied yet, but I'm still in the beginning. 
I started painting againonly last december.
At the moment I'm not painting - my working desk is full of snippets.
 Make paper work, collages.
But in next weeks I wanna paint again.
Wish, I had more free space for creativity!

Have a great and creative time :)

Montag, 12. Februar 2018

Come my love

Come my love,
pour your sacred fire into my darkness
And light up this house of life
For without your hearth to warm it
It is cold sleeping like the still dark frozen earth under the winter's snow

I wait for your radiant love to burst open
Every bud and blossom
That has not even contemplated life
You are the first ray of spring
You are the sun of inspiration
In my house and garden of being
Come my love

My surrender is that I love you man with a burning passion
My greatest fulfilment comes from my eternal lover
And he is nameless, faceless, formless and when you disappear
Into his goldenness I am at your feet in sweet sweet surrender
Come my love, golden and new
The sun of inspiration is burning inside of you

( a song by Peruquois)

Sonntag, 11. Februar 2018

Cats dream

In the night in his dreams
he's strolling through dangerous deserts
climbing high mountains
hunting and fighting with
roaring lions and
he has many dare to pass.
When the day breaks the woman
is standing by the window
awaiting him back
and when he awakes
hungry from all his adventures
she gives him for breakfast a fish.

Art Journal Journey

Samstag, 10. Februar 2018

No pressure

This is a little something that says I love you,
but there's no pressure, so if it's too soon,
it's more like a little something that says,
'Hey, I like your shoes'.

- storypeople -

Today's picstory I tell for Try it on Tuesday
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Freitag, 9. Februar 2018

Strange dream

It was a strange dream, he said, & I don't
remember a thing except it kept my attention
the whole time.

- storypeople -

(collage work from journal-photos, not my own)