Sonntag, 4. Februar 2018

A winter song

Arise sea
Black rocking waves above me
In the winter morning

And in my head I see a land
Steppes of green my love.

Oh winter sea-

Your funnel blows
The sails flick gracefully
Below the whales turning
Oh John wait for me

Though the snow is falling onto the sea
A sun rises red over me.

I smell the land but I cannot see
Any trace of earth or tree
I smell the winter rain on the dark streets

Crossing your legs hand on your chin
Watching me my love.

Can you hear me in Moscow
As the snow turns to rain
Over landlocked fields
From Paris to Marseille
Can you hear me in Maine?

Oh winter sea.

Seasons and the Storms
Rising, lifts her up
Up above his head
And takes her outside
Bringing out the sunshine,
Smiling freckle face
Eyes just like a cat
He swings her back down
Looks at the clock and turns around...
A boys voice deep wading across the moor
His hands to his lips he shouts.

Gold ray of light,
Shine though the hammock on the lawn
Shadows rising with the dawn
With the rhythms of the seasons and the storms
Beating on the shore.

Standing by the car
The house behind she says
We'll catch the high tide
And holds a hand above her eyes
Clouds pass to the south
There's ships out in the bay
The weathers set fine
And everything seems far away...

A woman's feet Moving across the floor
Her hand on her hip Her mouth. Gold rays
of light Shine though the hammock on the
lawn Shadows rising in the dawn With the rhythms
of the seasons and the storms Gold rays of light Shine
though the hammock on the lawn Breaking on the shore.


  1. ...wonderful winter glimpses paired with a wonderful tune. I hope that thew sun returns to your part of the world. Thanks for sharing, take care and stop back when you can.

  2. Mascha, the bass in ice - Stanley Clarke would be proud. Thanks for sharing.

  3. A lovely song, Mascha, and your photos and collages are beautiful as usual. I love seeing the snow (even if it is in photos, as we rarely get it in Melbourne!).
    Thank you for taking part in the My Sunday Best meme.


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