Freitag, 30. Oktober 2015

Friday Five, mist and dots of light

Good morning, 

it's friday again and  time for Willy Nilly Friday, Five on Friday and Soulfood Friday.


Last friday Tom made his magical photo post 
 and than I had a really magical moment here in the morning.

Since many dark days the sun finally was shining... and in the morning it appears in the corridor.
On the wall in staircase is a splendid mosaic plate and this reflected the sunlight.
So there were many points of light in the dark area.
It is often but rarely so strong effect and since I had not seen the sun for a long time ... 
I was really enchanted.


Finally we had three golden sunny days and I've very enjoyed them.


Often the sunshine is in our region only on the higher mountains, and it can not come down to us.
That makes a gray cold side mood, but sometimes, when the sun comes through, it's very beautiful.


I like these misty sunny days and now is their time.
Like to walk trough the mists... the world seems so mystical and poetic.


I wanted to show some photos of our cemetery, 
but I'm saving up for the next time, it's enough for today!
And some pictures I've already shown yesterday.

Have a nice weekend all and Happy Halloween :-)

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Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2015

Cemetery flowers...

I stopped in St. Bernadette's Cemetery one of my favorite places... The trunks of six giant oaks rise like columns supporting a ceiling formed by their interlocking crowns. In the quiet space below, is laid out an aisle similar to those in any library. The gravestones are like rows of books bearing the names of those whose names have been blotted from the pages of life; who have been forgotten elsewhere but are remembered here.

- Dean Koontz -

Halloween is near...

... let's go to the graveyard

The photos I made yesterday in the morning.