Sonntag, 29. Juni 2014

Kleines Immergrün - Vinca minor


Baby, you are ONE 
 is the prompt oft this week at Our Beautiful World
Its a great party for the beautiful meme... and I want to join.

First birthday - which of us even has memories of it?
My only vague, blurred from this early time.
Some things they have me told later.
And today I do not even have photos more ...

Here are two old cards, happy mother, happy child.
May all babies grow up so sheltered
under good conditions and very loved.
May all mothers have a life that allows them himself,
babys to love and take good care of them -
(which is sometimes even more important -)

For "Our Beautiful World" my congratulations and those flowers.
May the meme grow and flourish and stay larger.
Many bloggers find joy in it.
So as I do. Every Sunday.

Finally, a Russian lullaby
Video shows many children, lucky and sheltered.
Beautiful song, I like it.

Samstag, 28. Juni 2014

Dada und die russischen Futuristen

Eine intereessante und auf jeden Fall lesenswerte Seite ist die Lyrikzeitung.
Gestern gab es z.B. einen Artikel zu den russischen Futuristen und der Dada-Bewegung im fernen Kaukasus.
Darüber liest man eher selten und für mich ist es natürlich besonders interessant, auch hier wieder bekannte Namen zu finden, wie z.B. den Dichter Ilja Sdanewitsch, welchen ich in meinen Blog selbst auch schon einmal  - mehr nebenbei  - erwähnte.
Eine produktive Aufbruch-Zeit musz es wohl gewesen sein damals , auch in der jungen UdSSR, bevor die Zensur mit aller Härte durchgriff.
Manchmal wünsche ich mir, damals und dort gelebt zu haben...

Cultural fable

Once upon a time there was a pig who spoke eight languages & did sculpture with pieces of wood & rusted metal he found on his travels. One day he was out in the woods working on a new installation piece & he met a family from a small town in Tennessee. They had been walking for days. The dad saw the pig & said what are you doing, little piggie? They were all quite surprised when the pig said working with counterbalanced forces using found objects. They all stood around & looked at the piece for a long time. No one said anything. Finally, the dad shrugged & turned to the mom & said I don't know much about art but I know what I like & then they killed the pig & ate him.

- storypeople -

Monastery garden...


Shared with Today's Flowers



Der erste Blick aus dem Fenster am Morgen
Das wiedergefundene alte Buch
Begeisterte Gesichter
Schnee, der Wechsel der Jahreszeiten
Die Zeitung
Der Hund
Die Dialektik
Duschen, Schwimmen
Alte Musik
Bequeme Schuhe
Neue Musik
Schreiben, Pflanzen
Freundlich sein.

- Bertolt Brecht (1954) -

The first view from the window in the morning
The old book found again
Enthusiastic faces
Snow, the change of seasons
The newspaper
The dog
The dialectic
Showering, swimming
Early Music
Comfortable shoes
New Music
Writing, Plants
Being friendly.

Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2014


This photo have taken 20 years ago in a village not far from my town.
I have scanned the old paper image.
Today it is there something else.
Not only the fence is already renewed and almost no one with us depends more lingerie so on a long leash (except me) ...
I like the nostalgic feeling in this picture.

Mittwoch, 25. Juni 2014

First white anemone...

On monday I found the first blooming Japanese anemone in the garden.
It is June and not end August - is the summer already over?

I have a song in my ears...

I have a song in my ears since any days already.
A Russian song from the seventies (I still remember how it was new at that time)
It's nothing special really, just a reminder for me.
It tells of the parting of the Tundra and the Pechora River.
This is in the far north of Russia.
Perhaps no one today knows this song?
It was not on youtube, but I found it elsewhere.
The singer is Sergej Moroz: Farewell to Pechora

(My photo has no connection with the song)

Sonntag, 22. Juni 2014

More reason...

Today is a day when I look out
over my life & I see you there & I know
there is more reason to this world
than we will ever understand.

- Storypeople -

Shared with Cemetery Sunday