Sonntag, 8. Juni 2014

Our Beautiful World: Animals

Animals is the today's topic.
Animals? - Hmpff! Animals...
When I walk through the woods, I often see deers, roe deers or wild boars.
But they are far away and with my little camera I cannot take pictures.
Just at this time the wild boars have young boars and it is better to steer clear of some places in the forest.
I prefer not to acquaintance with a wild sow...
I could go to the zoo to see animals closer to and photograph.
But I do not like to see how they are locked up in cages.
Animals and birds in cages make me sad.
Well, the onliest animal around me is the cat.
It's a pet, but I often think, it lives more like an animal.
My cat is a wild cat, came from somewhere, homeless 
and suspicious ... and a little it is still well.
Prevails over the gardens, is the horror of all birds and mice.
In profile it is a lion's head and in the fur a panther...
I love my cat very much and she me too, in her own way.
But she is not mine and does not obey me - like an animal ;-)

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  1. ja, einem Wildschwein zu begegnen ist echt kein Spaß vorallem wenn sie Frischlinge haben!! Schöne Bilder und danke fürs mitmachen aus "Our Beautiful World"

  2. Hi Mascha, cool photos of your cat and like you I don't like to see animals in cages. Thanks for sharing your photos with Our Beautiful World, have a great week Cheers Robyn

  3. I bet she loves you as much, thanks for sharing with us at Our Beautiful World!

  4. She is a pretty kitty and I bet she loves you more than you think.

  5. this is beautiful, thanks for sharing

    much love...

  6. You've caught her presiding over the garden. What a lovely photo.

  7. Absolutely adorable kitty, love it, thanks so much for sharing it with us at Our Beautiful World!

  8. Sounds like my cat!! Love your photos! ... Thanks so much for sharing at Our Beautiful World

  9. I love hearing about your walk on the wildside with wildboars, I sympathise about trying to get a good photograph!
    Have a great weekend
    Wren x