Mittwoch, 4. Juni 2014

Ein Stück Himmel - кусочек неба -

(Das Foto ist von irgendwann im April - ich habe jetzt einen neuen PC und bin noch nicht dahintergekmomen, wie ich damit neue Fotos fürs Blog verkleinern kann - müssen erstmal die Arvchivbilder herhalten - )

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  1. Mascha, do you read Russian? If it's easier then I can write you in Russian. I looked at a few pages of your blog. It is so beautiful! It's a beautiful world you live in, the world you create. The photos of blue glass, and your kitchen table, and sculptures and flowers at a cemetery... The photo shoot by the railroad and train... Beautiful, beautiful world! So glad to have found you too!!

  2. Schön wie das Flugzeug am Himmel entlangzieht!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. Wonderfulllllllllllll
    Mascha this coming Share-in-Style´s topic is FRUIT on the 7th; ou can carry fruit o be near a fruit tree or whatever. Next one on the 21rst will be about GOLD.
    looking forward to your link

  4. magnificent capture, Masha. You have a great eye for sharing the beauty around you. It makes me smile when I see your photos.
    BTW I just got a new address for sending a postcard through PostCrossing. The girl's name is Masha, like yours. Does your name mean Maria in English?

    1. Yes, it is Maria.
      Thank you for all your lovely comments :-)