Freitag, 28. Februar 2014

First flowers...

City Windows

My grandmother told me once
that a city has enough windows for everybody.
I still want to believe her.

- storypeople -

Random 5 Friday


I've done somethings in the garden, because things like trimming the hedges have done before too much has grown underneath.
It's crazy, what an early spring: even the tulips growing out already! That we have never had... and last year many snow still in April ...


I’ve got from the “Table” not only foods, but also some old books, of which I am very pleased. They lie there in the church to take away by donation and I have reduced my waiting time and some choose.


My love and I made a spring walk and came to a small private shop over near this wall. There are a lot of old stuff. Books also . It opens only when people come - and now people just came ...
I found a book of fairy tales from Tibet and my love found the book of which I had often spoken. 
I got it as a young girl from my grandma, but then it does not even interest me. Then it was lost somewhere and we do not even find on the internet.
Now he was there for me. - Coincidence?
I think things will find us when it 's time and now I 'm going to read it .


The message of the death of a blogger has taken me much.
It is wondrous how close we humans can be,  living on the other side of the world and we have never seen.
And it is also strange that her blog she now survives.  Her trace is on the Internet for a long time . - Forever?

Thanks to internet so we are able to leave traces. Everyone can do that, every blogger , with a little effort ...
Previously you had to write a book that was printed or paint pictures, compose music to leave a trace of life that goes beyond the immediate family ... today it is easier to reach people all over the world and to touch personally .
This is fascinating but also strange , I think.
And she's still in my reader list now , as she would still be there in place in Jamaica.
And maybe she can now also see my flowers in their own way and my thoughts feel - - - ?


The poetic part - лирический часть -

The tendernes of flowers
by frost and snow
but they blooms

Have a nice and quiet weekend all.

Witten for Nancy's lovely meme Random5 Friday

Montag, 24. Februar 2014

My yellow rose...

My yellow rose is for Judy Haughton-James
Yellow like the sun
because she has gone into the light.

I met her only recently
only a few times I was joining in her meme.
She was so friendly and she loved angels...
that's all I know about her.
Suspected nothing of serious illness
and did not know why her blog
ended on Christmas Eve last year.
Just in this morning, I found this by accident.
May illuminate the yellow rose
I lack the words just...

Mascha mixt montags - No. 37 -

Samt und Webpelz

Diese Samt-Tunika ist eines der wenigen Kleidungsstücke,
die ich neu gekauft habe, 
und zwar gleich in drei verschiedenen Farben.
Sie ist für mich ein Must-have zum Erfinden immer neuer Looks, 
dies hier ist einer davon.
Baumwoll-Stufenrock und Kapuzenshirt, 
gegen Kühle eine Webpelzweste darüber.
Alles auszer der Tunika: DRK-Kleiderkammer, Schmuck vom Flohmarkt.

This velvet tunic is one of the few pieces of clothing that I bought new,
and indeed on three different colors.
For me it is a must-have to invent ever new looks, 
so here is one of them.
Cotton flounce skirt and hooded sweatshirt, 
against the coolness a fakefur vest.
Everything but the tunic: charity depot, jewelry from a flea market.

Sonntag, 23. Februar 2014

Silent Sunday

Shared with Silent Sunday

Our Beautiful World: Soft

Soft is the light in sunday morning
soft is my knitted coat
soft is the fur of the cats that's coming
soft are the first flowers in spring
I'm lucky and enjoyed
all these little things

 (Photo 2, 3 and 4 made my love)