Freitag, 14. Februar 2014

About gray and more...

After I had last week celebrated the blue, I decided now to celebrate the gray. It also has earned its chance.
Because I think it can be very nice, with all its nuances and boring it is not when you look closer.

For example, this gate in our old town wall: how many different shades have the stones!
I like this gate and I like to go through.
It is a very special place and passing through has something of enchantment.

Today, on Valentine's Day we're going with my loved ones eat in a nice little Asian restaurant very close to ... and then we both go through it and let us enchant for the day.

I made some pictures from winter jasmine with the help of a macro lens. When I saw the pictures, the withered dry flowers remembered me on old yellowed crumpled skirts of ballerinas.
This inspired my imagination and so I wrote a short story.

Silence surrounds her
broken by the creaking
of the steps.
Carefully put the feet.
Slowly her eyes adjust
to the dim light
at the old attic.
Hanging there in the corner
the yellowed tulle dress.
She reaches for it
feels the fabric
and again she is surrounded
of the music.
The long years trained steps
a jump
and be held and lifted
at the same moment
and fall ...
When she wakes up, it's dark
around her
and she is on the boards
but it is not the stage
and laboriously she fumbles
to the fallen

Written for Nancy's kindly meme Random 5 Friday


  1. Love the archway created by the stones! The blossoms do look a bit like ballarina costumes, I agree.

  2. Beautiful archway and macro shots -- enjoy your time with your sweetheart.

  3. I love old stone work. Love your image of the arch. The blossoms do look like ballerina costumes. Enjoy your dinner! Happy Friday!

  4. There is something striking about flowers--I can see the ballerinas dancing!

  5. Oh enjoy your romantic night out. Love your photos. B

  6. Beautiful archway- love the grey tones of the stone work.

  7. Happy Valentine's Day, Mascha, I love the gate and I do hope you have a beautiful time today. The story of the ballerina was very moving. I loved to read it and hear your imagination take shape. Blessings for a beautiful day, Bird

  8. Oh your photos are lovely. I love archways and doors.

  9. So schön, Mascha!!! Der Torbogen zieht mich auch ganz magisch an und Deine Macro Bilder, Dein Vergleich zu einem Tütü und Deine kleine Geschichte über die ehemalige Baletttänzerin sind fantastisch!!! So wundervoll poetisch...
    Genieß einen ganz, ganz wundervollen Valentinstag mit Deinem Liebsten!
    Alles Liebe

  10. oh, I love the archway! but you know grey has touches of blue, which I like very much. you are so right about the flowers looking like what ballerinas wear! what an emotion your story brings to my heart. happy Valentine's day to you and your loved ones!

  11. Grey often has hues of blue. Love that archway!

  12. You really can tell a story...that was wonderful!

  13. Lovely story Mascha, and I love grey more than anything. Actually chose an almost completely grey post :) Have a wonderful supper and weekend. :)

  14. Just lovely. Old stone walls are among my favourite things. I love that when you look a little deeper there are so many colours and textures in what, at first, seems just a dull object, but is really a wonderland in disguise.

  15. Vilken vacker stenportal det gillar jag skarpt.
    ha en fin alla hjärtansdags kväll

  16. What a great archway ... beautiful colors.
    Have an enjoyable weekend!
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  17. That gate is lovely and it does look like it's leading to a magical place. Have a wonderful evening.
    Your story about the ballerina was wonderful.

  18. I am very fond of gray, even if I live colors (or bescause).

  19. I fell for your gate.
    Have a nice sunday.

  20. Lovely story and pretty little flowers.

  21. Such delicate ballerinas. I love your poem too. Thanks for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-)

  22. Sieht einladend aus und Steine haben unglaublich viele Schattierungen.