Freitag, 7. Februar 2014

Random 5 Friday


Last Sunday I decided to celebrate a whole week of blue.
I wore blue clothes , eaten by blue patterned plate, lit blue candles and shown in my blog only photos with blue color mood .
That was a good idea to poeticization of everyday life and at times the sky above me was really blue .


The top photo is my profile picture in overall format and I'm wearing my favorite dress (with a fakefur vest over it ), of course in blue.
Clothes for me has much more significance than in the fashionable sense (I 'm gonna always outside of trends) , it has much to do with lifesense and mood. 
And of course my favorite dress is blue , what else?


The photos are several years old and I do not remember exactly who made them: my former partner or his brother or his wife ...
I find it is a pity that when relationships end , often the contacts with other people simultaneously loses - there were a few people in my life, to me that I spent so much time together , where it fit well and somehow mood of lightness and influenced aesthetics and jokes on a very special level. 
These common days were very precious to me and to meet such people never is sad (they live far away and they never come to me to visit - )


On every first day of a month, a hat party takes place at Style Crone
I love this link party and like to watch at all the elegant , fancy or everyday hats, what wear other bloggers . 
To carry on even having walked me now the hats out, I 've all already shown that I have...
So I have a short story written this time . 
It makes me now fun to write something in English.


And now the poetic part - лирический часть -

Where does the blue begins
where does it ends
has often asked the child.
Color of the distance
they were caling...
And the child had fled to it
and it was at home.
There where something
that didn’t have words
the width
the distance
and the child
so small
so lost
and so secure.
Only much later
it heards
the sound
of the words
- cиние дали -
and in this sound
it was finally arrived

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  1. What a lovely dress!! Isn't it funny to write in english?!

  2. You look good in blue, a nice colour for you. I tend to chose dark greens for myself this time of year. ;)

  3. Dark greens I like too. I wonder why I have so little of them have been in the clothing... -

  4. Lovely to find you at Random 5 too! Hope I've done it right... Loving your photos xx

  5. Blue is a great color to brighten up winter days. Thanks for joining in R5F this week.

  6. Great idea to celebrate blue. It looks very good on you.

  7. The color of your dress is stunning--looks great on you!

  8. Hello, lovely lady! I love blue and blue and white china. Celebrate blue -- I may join you!

  9. Your dress is such a rich vibrant blue, and it's a great colour to celebrate!

  10. I would never have thought of doing a color for a whole week...I would not have enough clothes to wear only one color. BUT, if I could choose, I am not sure what color I would do.

  11. Wenn es wie bei uns war, hat sogar der Himmel Dir diese Woche blau beschert.
    So oft hab ich Dein Profilbild schon gesehen, aber das Kleid fällt mir erst heute richtig auf. Und ich mag es sehr. So ein wunderschönes Blau und es ist aus Samt. Ich liebe Samt, es fühlt sich so wertvoll an und schimmert so wunderbar.
    Hab ein ganz schönes blauhimmeliges Wochenende!
    Lieben Gruß von Sabine

  12. Your blues are so rich and lovely. How fun to choose a color for the week! You are so creative :)

  13. Very pretty blues, I especially like it when the sky is blue. :)

  14. I love the blues! Your dress is very pretty. The layers and the black lace that comes from the bottom is beautiful. I know what it is to lose people out of your life. When I got divorced from my first husband my son and I lost all the people we had known through that marriage. It was very sad for us. I think especially for my son. Blessings to you and may you have a very good day today, Bird

  15. Interesting concept to focus on one color for a whole week. I bet you started noticing blue everywhere!

  16. Blue is such a lovely color (one of my favorites). I like your blue dress and that plate is so pretty. What a fun idea to do a week highlighting one particular color. Here this week it would be "white" because that's all we've seen.

  17. Liebe Mascha,
    auf Dein Profilbild reagiere ich auch immer ganz besonders. Ich freue mich jedes mal wenn ich es sehe.
    Es hat etwas sehr beruhigendes für mich, nicht nur wegen dem Blau :)
    Der Verlust geliebter Menschen nach einer Trennung beschäftigt mich zur Zeit auch sehr stark. Ich hatte/habe eine sehr innige Verbindung zu einem Teil der Familie von meinem ehemaligen Partner. Wir haben uns sehr, sehr lange nicht mehr gesehen, über dritte weiß ich, dass sie mich genauso vermissen wie ich sie. Sie sind auch nicht mehr die jüngsten...das schmerzt mich sehr...ich hoffe, dass ich dieses Jahr einen Weg zu Ihnen finde...
    Blau ist ein ganz wundervoller Rückzugsort! Ich habe Deine Woche sehr genossen!!!