Freitag, 28. Februar 2014

Random 5 Friday


I've done somethings in the garden, because things like trimming the hedges have done before too much has grown underneath.
It's crazy, what an early spring: even the tulips growing out already! That we have never had... and last year many snow still in April ...


I’ve got from the “Table” not only foods, but also some old books, of which I am very pleased. They lie there in the church to take away by donation and I have reduced my waiting time and some choose.


My love and I made a spring walk and came to a small private shop over near this wall. There are a lot of old stuff. Books also . It opens only when people come - and now people just came ...
I found a book of fairy tales from Tibet and my love found the book of which I had often spoken. 
I got it as a young girl from my grandma, but then it does not even interest me. Then it was lost somewhere and we do not even find on the internet.
Now he was there for me. - Coincidence?
I think things will find us when it 's time and now I 'm going to read it .


The message of the death of a blogger has taken me much.
It is wondrous how close we humans can be,  living on the other side of the world and we have never seen.
And it is also strange that her blog she now survives.  Her trace is on the Internet for a long time . - Forever?

Thanks to internet so we are able to leave traces. Everyone can do that, every blogger , with a little effort ...
Previously you had to write a book that was printed or paint pictures, compose music to leave a trace of life that goes beyond the immediate family ... today it is easier to reach people all over the world and to touch personally .
This is fascinating but also strange , I think.
And she's still in my reader list now , as she would still be there in place in Jamaica.
And maybe she can now also see my flowers in their own way and my thoughts feel - - - ?


The poetic part - лирический часть -

The tendernes of flowers
by frost and snow
but they blooms

Have a nice and quiet weekend all.

Witten for Nancy's lovely meme Random5 Friday


  1. Wonderful book finds, and look at all the Spring flowers! Great Random 5 and have a happy Friday :)
    PS I think I'll share more journal pages soon x

  2. Liebe Mascha....ich habs jetzt nicht übersetzt...doch die Bilder sprechen ihre eigene Sprache. :-)
    Das was mir gleich beim ersten Bild eingefallen ist...."es lebt". ;-)
    Wie es aussieht zeigt sich der Frühling bei dir auch schon bunt.

    Wünsche dir eine schönes Wochenende und alles Gute.

    Liebi Grüessli

    1. So einen zeitigen Frühling hatten wir noch nie (nach dem letzten Jahr Schnee bis in den April).
      Sonst geht es darum, dasz ich bei der "Tafel" nicht nur Lebensmittel, sondern auch schöne alte Bücher bekommen habe und um ein Buch, das ich als junges Mädchen mal hatte, aber damals nie gelesen und dann verschwand es irgendwohin und es war nicht mal im I-Net zu finden. Jetzt hat mein Liebster es in einem kleinen Trödelladen gefunden und jetzt ist die Zeit, es zu lesen endlich.
      Dann geht es noch um den Tod einer Bloggerin, der mich ziemlich mitgenommen hat, weil ich vor allem gar nicht wuszte, dasz sie so schlimm krank war...
      Dank Internet hinterlassen Menschen nun Lebensspuren, auch wenn sie längst gegangen sind - das ist toll, aber auch irgendwie seltsam, finde ich.
      Liebe Grüsze und ein sonniges WE

    2. Dankeschön Mascha für deine Erläuterungen. Mein Mitgefühl zum Tod deiner Blogbekannten. Ja wenn man sich darüber Gedanken macht ist es seltsam...und eine andere Form von Hinterlassenschaft wie Bücher und Musik.
      Der Bücherfund deines Liebsten ist ganz schön. Sicherlich ist es gerade jetzt passend es zu lesen.
      Die Tafel ist eine sehr gute Sache. Bei uns gibts sowas auch. Ich denke von solcher Art kann es nicht genug geben.

      Liebe Grüsse zurück.


  3. I love that wall! Signs of spring are finally popping out here just a bit too. I have a seed packet of Forget-Me-Not's that I need to plant :)

    1. Nice flowers!
      In Germany they called Forget-Me-Not too.

  4. Mascha, lovely post. You will have tulips this year. Lucky you. One of my favorite flowers. Really enjoyed your story about your book finds -- you will have a wonderful time reading them. Your thoughts about your blogging friend were very special. Happy Friday.

  5. All those flowers look absolutely delightful.

  6. Hi Mascha, how wonderful that you have a book collection to borrow from at your church. We have some like that in the local recreation centres and I often drop off books there. I also have a few books form my childhood written in Czech and love to sometimes read them...although my Czech reading skills need improvement...It's lovely to read those familiar and comfortable stories. My children don;t really read in Czech though and so I feel a loss for them. Big hugs and I hope you have a lovely weekend. :)

  7. I enjoy seeing your early spring, here there is so much snow. I very dear blogging friend of mine died this year too. We even spoke on the phone a few times. It is hard, and yes wonderful to visit her blog and view part of the imprint she left behind, gifting us all.

  8. Maschas, What beautiful crocus and grape hyacinth! I have the grape hyacinth blooming also now. There is much pain this week on the internet, but also many blessings and love shared. It is indeed a wondrous thing, the internet, when it brings people so diverse, together,

  9. Beautiful books, photos and especially lovely are your thoughts about your blogging friend continuing on, on the Internet.

  10. How lucky you are to have popping up all over!

  11. Oh a ladybug already and to read you have flowers blooming already, how wonderful for you. It won't be long now here but I think we are on track for a more "normal" spring schedule. What a great thing that you found an old book that you recall from your childhood. Sad about the blogging friends death. I do agree though that we will each live on in our own way through our blogs and through those we've touched along the way.

  12. I love all your spring flowers...beautiful. I spent time cleaning up in my garden today, too.

  13. I see your sedum is starting to come up -- very pretty!

  14. This winter have surely been a lot milder than the last one! Hopefully we will not be surprised by a new frost period, which may occure till the middle of May here.
    Yes, perhaps blogging and internet will give us a way of eternally life?

  15. I love seeing the tulips push up through the soil and open up ... so lovely.
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  16. happy you dropped in at my blog and left a link

    glad i didn't miss all of this

    have a nice weekend

    much love...

  17. It's amazing how much we grow to care about our fellow bloggers. I admit, I've given my son directions that he'd have to post for me if something happened. Beautiful flowers. I so long for spring.


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