Mittwoch, 12. Februar 2014

Looking for gray

After the previous blue week I'm looking for gray now.
I find it in a variety of appearance, everywhere.

The gray in the buildings

The gray of stone

The gray in the sky

The gray over the water

The gray in the park

The gray under my feets

The gray of ruins...

A question for the English-speaking reader: in my dictionary is "grey",  
but google translator gives me "gray" - which word is correct?


  1. I say they are both right...... and when i am writing or typing i tend to use them both. I looked it up in my Webster Dictionary and it tells me that grey is the British version of gray..... so i don't know... but i use both...Lovely pictures! Hugs! deb

    1. Thank you :-)
      So they both go - for me looks "grey" from somehow more beautiful... -

  2. Very gray here in Finland too. No snow..just mud..

  3. I use both gray and grey. Not sure which is which. Lovely stone work you have shown.

  4. Look at the fog over the water....nice. Even the ruins look beautiful. Great shots.
    Thanks for connecting with CG this week.

  5. Agreed, I use both gray and grey. I try to be consistent in a letter, short story, poem, etc. Both are correct.
    JM Illinois

  6. I think gray is the U.S. spelling, and grey is the British spelling. I'm American, and I still prefer to spell it "grey" though. :)

  7. These are amazing! Gray and grey -- I never know which to use!

  8. i am rather tired of grey as we seem to have seen a lot of it these past few months. I am ready to see less gray when spring comes. I use grey...but only because it looks right to me.

  9. Großartige Fotos! Die "vernebelten" gefallen mir besonders gut!

  10. Lovely photos. Grey ... will in Australian English/ British English anyway. Also can I just let you know it is 1 foot, 2 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet ... I love where you have found grey and that house is beautiful.

  11. I don't usuallly think of gray as anything but boring. You've certainly found some interesting and lovely grays.