Samstag, 8. Februar 2014

In the heart of the world

In the heart of the world there is a place that holds the secret names of the rocks & the trees & all the children of the earth & around it gather women & men who hold it dear & each night they stand together to keep it safe for as long as it takes till morning comes & no matter what you have been told, this will always be so, in the heart of the world.

- storypeople -


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for joining us. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I especially like the angel against the blue sky.

  3. There is a haunting quality to your words, Mascha, that make me want to linger here and ponder...Blessings to you from Sheila at Longings End...

    1. Thank you for your nice comment, I would be glad if you like follow my blog (and it's also worth it to read the older posts)

  4. Beautiful quote from Storypeople. The photography is gorgeous, sad and contemplative. Blessings, Bird

  5. Absolutely LOVE these. Thank you so much for sharing the words and the photos. Real heart-grabbers.

  6. Beautiful pictures and words. It looks like a very interesting place to visit.

    Thank you for linking up with Cemetery Sunday

    Beneath Thy Feet