Freitag, 29. April 2016

Friday Five and hope

Good morning,
it's friday again and time for sharing my Five with Nancy, Amy, Cath and Tanya
And I also share my green photos with Nicks Friday Greens


It's very cold here with us and we had a little snow.
It's scary: together with the snow from the blooming cherrytree to see real sownflakes falling down.
But I haven't managed to make a photo :(


I had a hard week full of stress and desasters.


Last Friday my mother rushed again and kicks the back of her head at an edge.
 It was bloody, but fortunately no concussion.
But too early happy: on Sunday sudden semed visual defect by bleeding in the eye.
The biggest problem with such things is always to find a doc.
Even on weekdays there is not a good doc in this town and on sundays it's still a much bigger desaster. Really nobody!
We always must ride a long distance to get help and often there is no bus and no train, especially on weekends - a life without a car is simply hard to managed.
It was a great excitement and effort for mom to a finally good end.


Then I by myself had a long trip.
In a magazine I read from a sleep-doc and I've registered there. Far away.
But I would make this travel, because two and a half year of insomnia is enough to take all my energy and make a lot of following healthy problems (I'm really at the end since some time).

I had so hoped! Had tought, they take my blood for investigation hormones and other stuff and make some tests to find the reason and can help me with individual remedies or other therapy.
But in vain: they made no one investigation and saying only that it seemed innate and I must take strong sleeping pills for a long time every night (this is exactly what I will NOT!)
And they made me offer to test new drugs, would pay me a little money for this.
That I never will do. Money is useful and needed, but not at this way!


We always say: green is the hope and here are a few green photos from my archive.
To share better and hopeful things, that under I-IV...
Hope, you enjoy them and have a wonderful green weekend

Dienstag, 26. April 2016

Русская азбука в песнях - Russian ABC in songs

Letter Number 16 is П - P

P is for пшенница (pshenitsa) - weath

The song for today is Пшеница золотая (Pshenitsa zolotaya) - The golden weath

Мне хорошо, колосья раздвигая,
Сюда ходить вечернею порой.
Стеной стоит пшеница золотая
По сторонам дорожки полевой.

Всю ночь поют в пшенице перепёлки
О том, что будет урожайный год.
Ещё о том, что за рекой в посёлке,
Моя любовь, моя судьба живёт.

Мы вместе с ней в одной учились школе,
Пахать и сеять выезжали с ней,
И с той поры моё родное поле
Ещё дороже стало и родней.

И в час, когда над нашей стороною
Вдали заря вечерняя стоит,
Родное поле говорит со мною,
О самом лучшем в жизни говорит.

И хорошо мне здесь остановиться
И, глядя вдаль, подумать, помолчать.
Шумит-шумит высокая пшеница,
И ей конца и края не видать.



It feels so well, curling the ears,
Coming here here at the evening time.
Like a wall stands the golden wheat
On both sides of the path through the field.

Throughout the night are singing in the wheat the quails
About, that it will be a good harvest year.
And about, that on that side of the river in the village,
My love, my destiny is living.

We are with her in the same school were attended,
Plow and sow went with her,
And since then, my dear field
Has become more dearer and expensive.

And in the hour when on our countryside
Stands in the distance the dawn of night,
My dear field is speaking to me,
About the best in the life it says.

And well for me to stop here
And looking into the distance, to think and be quiet,
And softly rustling stands tall wheat
And it's not to see and end of it.

- Mikhail Isakovskiy -

Melody: Matvey Blanter
Sings Sergey Lemeshev



And a second song with a P-word (what I very like)

Поле, Русское поле (Pole, Russkoye pole) - Field, Russian Field

Поле, русское поле,
Светит луна
Или падает снег,
Счастьем и болью
Вместе с тобою,
Нет, не забыть тебя
Сердцу вовек.
Русское поле,
Русское поле,
Сколько дорог
Прошагать мне пришлось.
Ты моя юность,
Ты моя воля,
То, что сбылось,
То что в жизни сбылось.

Не сравнятся с тобой
Ни леса, ни моря,
Ты со мной, моё поле,
Студит ветер висок.
Здесь Отчизна моя
И скажу, не тая,
Здравствуй, русское поле,
Я твой тонкий колосок.

Поле, русское поле,
Пусть я давно
Человек городской,
Запах полыни,
Вешние ливни,
Вдруг обожгут меня
Прежней тоской.
Русское поле,
Русское поле,
Я как и ты ожиданьем живу.
Верю молчанью,
Как обещанью,
Пасмурным днём
Вижу я синеву.

Не сравнятся с тобой...

-1973 -

Field, Russian field,
When the moon shines
Or the snow falls,
Happiness and pain
I'm having together with you,
No, doesn't forget you
My heart forever.
Russian field,
Russian field,
How many roads
I had walked.
You are my youth,
You my will,
All that came to pass,
What happened in life.

You are not comparable
Not with the forest or with the sea,
You're with me, my field,
It cools the wind my temples.
Here is my Motherland
And I say, not concealing,
Hello, Russian field
I am your slim ear.

Field, Russian field,
Even though for a long time
I am a city dweller
The smell of sage,
Vernal showers
Suddenly overwhelm me
With old longing
Russian field,
Russian field,
IM like you livinving in expectation
I believe the silence,
As a promise,
On a cloudy day
To see the blue


Lyrics by Inna Goff
Composer and singer is Jan Frenkel

Posted for Mrs. Nesbitts ABC Wednesday 

Different plans

I don't know how long I can do this, he said. I think the universe has different plans for me & we sat there in silence & I thought to myself that this is the thing we all come to & this is the thing we all fight & if we are lucky enough to lose, our lives become beautiful with mystery again & I sat there silent because that is not something that can be said.

- storypeople -

Sonntag, 24. April 2016

Der Wald bei Eckertal

Die Fotos sind Ende März entstanden bei einem Spaziergang entlang 
der ehem. innerdeutschen Grenze bei Eckertal (Harz).
Inzwischen wird es längst grüner sein dort, aber nicht immer gelingt es,
 schöne Orte so bald wiederzusehn.
Ich bin es gewohnt, lange zu zehren von Erinnerungen und mir die Eindrücke in der Seele zu bewahren... 
und auch das Fotomaterial kommt dann erst so nach und nach ins Blog.

Egg coffee

He told me the best way to make coffee was to add an egg so I did & he looked 
at the strands floating in his cup & decided to have tea instead.

- storypeople -