Freitag, 15. April 2016

Friday Five and Rituals

Welcome to a spring morning

 with Nancy, Tanya, Cath and Amy - so many lovely linkparties for friday every week -
They are part of my cherished rituals...


I have many rituals for seasons, weeks and days.
I enjoy them in my alldays life.

At the end of the winter (and summer) I celebrate the big laundry.
All the clothes, worn in wintertime/summertime to clean and put away for next year ...


Another, weekly, ritual is to go on sunday to the railway station.
Here is a journal&book shop and I take the time to scroll through many magazines and choose one to buy.
That I don't want to miss!

There are so many beautiful journals and I am fascinated by the images and colors.
Honestly, often I don't, what they advise: to do yoga or meditation or bake cakes ...
 (and I often ask me, how many reader to all that - )
But it's a pleasure to read and look at that all and often I find my own inspiration.


One of my daily rituals is the shower at the evening.
If all days work is done to feel the water on my skin and let drain away stress and effort of the day.
Wrapping in a towel. Exit the active time ...


On tuesday I had the good fortune to spend a time at a very special place: Drübeck Monastery.
It is open for visitors and if I could, I'd like to be there once in every week.
A few pictures, what I've taken.
(Other photosof it  I've shown yesterday )


One finds the most, what I do, boring...

 But she has her rituals also.
Whenever she goes out of the door, I have to bend down to her and with my head touching her head  - before she does not go away...

Have a nice and relaxing (but not boring) weekend :-)

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  1. wonderful pictures. I think it was a wonderful day for you.
    Happy weekend

  2. Laundry today - naked tomorrow :)))) Great photos! I have to wait with my bergenias, at the moment tiny buds...

  3. Wonderful rituals and lovely photos. Beautiful views out your door. x Karen

  4. What a good idea for a post and as always accompanied by great photos. :-)

  5. Wonderful sights. I can smell the flowers, fresh washed clothes, and I love the peek into the monastery.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  6. The monastery looks very peaceful. I need somewhere near my home that I can visit for a few moments thought and contemplation. And I know what you mean about the magazines. I enjoy reading their advice - but then I ignore it. :)

  7. Wow...the Drübeck Monastery looks like such a fascinating place to visit. Absolutely beautiful.

  8. Great rituals, I love the notice Laundry today...made me smile.

  9. Thanks for sharing your rituals of life. The photos of your town are always a treat to see. The architecture is delightful. Thanks Mascha.

  10. Hello, looks like a lovely day for you. The monastery is beautiful. Love the cute kitty.Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  11. aw the ritual between you and your kitty is so sweet! love those pink flowers and the monastery is amazing! enjoy spring and thank you for linking mascha! i enjoyed reading about all your rituals!

  12. The monastery looked wonderful. Nice rituals for the week x

  13. Magic Kind of Life - Beauty By Choice - Thank You . . .

  14. Your posts are always such fun to read... and your photography is grand. Love visiting you.

  15. Mascha, Thank you for sharing these lovely images and words! Seems like such a peaceful place to reside. :) Have a blessed weekend!

  16. I wish I could hang my laundry outside ... it makes the clothes smell so good, but I can't. Too much humidity here. They would never dry! The monastery looks like a very special place. Loved the images you shared. Pretty flowers. I enjoyed YOUR day! :) Happy Friday!

  17. Hi Mascha, you have shared such lovely photos with us today. I love the idea of putting away the winter clothes. Unfortunately, here in southern California, I really don't have any winter clothes. I miss the four seasons. And, the monastery looks like a fascinating place. Wishing you the best, Pat xx

  18. What a lovely post and I've enjoyed all your photos especially of those in the monastery it looks so cool and peaceful. I love your cat too and the ritual of touching her when she is outside:)

  19. What a beautiful series! I'd love to have you join my Friday's Hunt as part of your Friday linky party ritual.

  20. I love rituals, especially ones which have to do with seasons. I even have ritual meals for the holidays - Ham and black-eyed peas for New Year, stuffed pork chops for Valentine's Day, corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick's Day, Ham and cheesy potatoes for Easter, Mexican food for Cinco de Mayo, fried chicken and potato salad for 4th of July, beef stew for Halloween, turkey for Thanksgiving and either Cornish game hens or prime rib for Christmas. Some think "stuck in a rut". You and I think "ritual".

  21. Rituals are good for the soul. My own most favourite ritual of all is wake up to a cup of coffee in bed. Every day. Have a lovely weekend. I quite like mine to be boring after a busy week with the children on holiday. x

  22. Oh Mascha...I loved reading about your rituals. We all have them in any season. And your photos of even vignettes of daily things always reflect your amazing artistic sense! Just love your artistry! And yes, that Monastery is gorgeous! Like Tumacacori, near here, I could go once a week and never tire of its fading architecture. Wonderful post!

  23. A beautiful walk through your daily life. So love the monastery setting. I too would be very tempted to wander there regularly, just for the sense of peace and calm. And what a stunning image of your cat in the last photo.

  24. I enjoyed your post and reading about the things that you do. That Monastery was just gorgeous. No wonder you like to spend time there. I liked your kitty photo too. They do have their own ways of doing things.


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