Dienstag, 12. April 2016

Русская азбука в песнях - Russian ABC in songs

Letter number 14 is H - N

H is for ныне (nyne) - that means now

I know this word more from books and poems, than from alldays spoken language
(but I'm not an expert).
I've chosen for today the Russian Baptist song "Ныне решай!" (Nyne reshaj) - "Decide now!"

I know this song since more than 35 years, but, of course, in the former URSS they haven't played Christian songs by radio, there was no religious themes in the media of the communists.
But I've often heard the program of the small mission-radiostation "Ibra" in Portugal.
It has sending in Russian and Ukrainian language.
It was difficult to receive the program in the GDR, the transmitter was deliberately disturbed, but forbidden is always very interesting and I pasted formally on the radio and remember from this period many beautiful songs.
One of them is this.

Христа благодать изберешь ли?
Ныне решай!
От сердца Христа призовешь ли?
Ныне решай!
Верой спасенье ты примешь иль нет?
Вечную тьму изберешь или свет?
Бог призывает, о, дай же ответ!
Ныне решай!

Ты крест поношений возьмешь ли?
Ныне решай!
И в жизни его понесешь ли?
Ныне решай!
Время скитаний твоих пролетит,
Бог увещанья Свои прекратит;
В дверь Иисус к нам не вечно стучит.
Ныне решай!

Греховную цепь ты порвешь ли?
Ныне решай!
К источнику жизни придешь ли?
Ныне решай!
Узок путь жизни и тесны врата,
Ими войдешь ты в обитель Христа;
Мир Он дарует душе у креста.
Ныне решай!


Want you receive the grace of Christ?
Decide now!
Want to call Christ from your heart
Decide nopw!
Salvation by faith you wantto accept or not?
Eternal darkness you want to choose or light?
God is calling, oh, give the answer!
Decide now!

You want take on the worn cross?
Decide now!
And you want integrate Him into your life?
Decide now!
Time will fly by thy wanderings,
God will stop his exhortation;
On the door to us, Jesus will notforever knocking.
Decide now!

Sinful chain, want you tear it?
Decide now!
To the source of life want you come?
Decide now!
Narrow is the way of life, and narrow is the gate,
They will enter you in the abode of Christ;
Peace He gives the soul by the cross.
Decide now!

Shared with Mrs. Nesbitts ABC Wednesday


  1. Forbidden is always tastier.
    Beautiful words
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. The lyrics are beautifyl and heavy at the same time... as if it soon would be to late... and for God one can come late but never to late... Thankfully i found Him years ago already ;-)

    Have a nice abc-wednesday-day / – week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  3. I decided and am following Christ. I also grew up in a Russian Baptist church in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. I sang in a Russian Youth choir, too. I've never heard this song and enjoyed listening to it. Happy Wonderer, ellen b.


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