Freitag, 8. April 2016

Friday Five and superlatives

Welcome to the lovely friday morning - it's time to join again in Random5Friday
Willy Nilly Friday , Five on Friday and Fun Friday Favourites


The biggest dry hydrangea flower, what I've ever had, is this.
The disc has 27 cm.


The sunniest warmest days we had on sunday and monday, it was more summer-like than spring-like.
I've put the flowerpots out and we had our lunch outdoor, at the backyard.


The happiest creature is the cat. Her garden chair is out now.
Yes, it is her's!  I should look for another place to read or buy a second chair ...


The worsest day for a mouse was the tuesday.
She met the cat and it ends tragically...


The greatest contrast I found between the books by Penelope Williamson and Takashi Hiraide. 
I wrote last friday that I read them.
Both are well written, but very contrasting in styles, actions, worlds.
 "The guest cat" (English title) is a unspectacular silent story full of magic and very Japanese.
Wonderful pictorially describing of architecture and small everyday things. 
Light, shadow, geometry ... and the mystery of a cat, who comes to visit the both people every day.
The happiness to meet a cat, to live with her for a short time and
respect her sanctity
A mysterious fascinating cat.
And  a sad story too.
The entire view of the world and life can hardly more different between these books.
 "The guest cat" is a truly wonderful book, now it's in my top ten of books.

Have a nice weekend all :-)


  1. The hydrangea photos are amazing! Your pot corner looks so cosy... It is wonderful to eat outside... Your cat is enjoying to the fullest ♥ What a lovely post Mascha!

  2. A very enjoyable post. Your spring flowers are beautiful.


  3. I love hydrangeas when they are dried too and your last picture is so full of Spring and colour

  4. Great photos, Spring has Sprung!

  5. Beautiful spring flowers, I love the pots.

  6. Wonderful that you can eat outdoors now Mascha - lovely to see the cat there too!
    Grape Hyacinths are one of my fave spring flower - love that blue.
    I made a note of your two books last week - I'll check the library tomorrow!
    Have a happy Spring weekend.

  7. wonderful pictures of a nice day in spring.
    enjoy the weekend.

  8. Thanks for sharing bits of your colorful world.

  9. Hello, I love the beautiful hydrangea and the last photo of flowers is lovely. Beautiful post. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  10. Your hydrangea is amazing. The images --WOW! So nice to welcome spring out doors. I love that your cat has its own chair. I can relate. I think my cats believe everything belongs to them and they tolerate me using the FURniture when they aren't sitting there. I've put the Guest Cat on my wish list. Happy Friday!

  11. i love all your spring photos mascha and the kitty looks very comfy in her own chair! poor mouse! we are having very cold weather this weekend :( thank you for linking and wishing you a wonderful weekend!!

  12. Gorgeous Views - What a treat to enjoy lunch outside - maybe your cat would like to snooze on your lap??? well, another chair would be good . . . Happy Day!!!

  13. that is one HUGE hydrangea!! I love the way it dries and looks so lovely that way.

  14. Enjoyed your "five" today. Have a special weekend!

  15. Mascha, You have a lovely setting outside for eating and reading and just enjoying a nice day! Lovely images. I guess you'd better buy another chair! :)

  16. A great five! Your hydrangea is beautiful! Your photos fantastic.

  17. When the cat claims the chair you know it's time to find somewhere else to sit! She looks very comfy.

  18. Greetings dear Mascha. I loved seeing your beautiful photos. Your outdoor area is so lovely. Your cat sounds like my Lilly. She catches geckos not mice, though. Thank you for the great book reviews; I will check them out. My best to you, Pat xx

  19. Such beautiful photos. I've had a dried hydrangea on my counter for a couple of months, they just last forever.

  20. So glad you are getting out in the garden! That hydrangea flower is amazing isn't it and so huge! Thank you for taking part in Five On Friday, hope you have a great weekend! xx

  21. We've had more summer like days here in the Pacific Northwest the last couple days, too. I love hydrangeas fresh and dried. I'm glad you had days to enjoy. Hope your weekend is grand!

  22. Such a huge bloom from your Hydrangea, it's really pretty. Enjoyed the lovely flowers at the end and also your shot of the potted flowers, so lovely. Ah your kitty looks adorable enjoying it's chair and the sunshine. Sounds like you've had some wonderful weather to enjoy being outside in.

  23. Following your recommendation I read a little more about The Guest Cat and just now placed an order for a used paperback. Thank you!

    I especially love that photo of your own black cat on the bright blankets!

  24. Gorgeous color and whimsical stories as always my friend. xo

  25. What beautiful spring flowers! Very cheerful.

  26. Hallo Mascha, and thank you for this beautiful link, your hydrangea, is fantastic big, I never saw the like. Also such wonderful photos you have made. Lol, here we had snow today, not so much summer yet !!
    Have a nice week ,you,too !!


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