Sonntag, 31. Juli 2016

Die alten Bäume...

Alt und zerzaust
stehen sie da
trotzen den Winden
wie lange schon
ich hatte Angst sie nicht wieder
zu finden
doch nun endlich bin ich ihnen
ganz nah

Fotos vom 2.5.16 an der Schierker Feuersteinwiese
(Ich hatte nur damals keinen Strom, kein Internet 
und in all dem Chaos kam mir mein Bloggen völlig durcheinander)

Quieter today...

This is a window into the stuff that goes on behind what we think about it & even if we were all to disappear tomorrow it would go on without even noticing except to comment now & then that it was quieter today than usual...

- Storypeople - 


Freitag, 29. Juli 2016

Friday Five, light and shadow...

Good morning,

it's Friday - time for Five on Friday and Willy Nilly Friday Five


These animals made my grandfather. The cat is a museum replica of an Egyptian cat,
 the dog he often saw from the window on the backyard of his workshop.
He made a model of wax and then a mold for brass casting. They are unique.
I don't own them, but I could make these photos some time ago.
He was a goldsmith, made finest jewelery (granulated), coined commemorative,
 made large friction work and foundry.
Here I 've written some memories about him.

Sometimes (but early) me encounter his works in web-auctions or galleries ,
 because the clients are dead since a long time and someone sells this jewelry. Things, what I never saw before ... and in some churches there are tabernacle, crucifixes and chalices from his workshop.

When I knew him, he was retired, but he has worked until recently, 
he died in 1987 with almost 94 years. His work was his passion.

I have most loved him from the family, because we were essentially related.
As a child I stand many hours next to his working bench and watched his work.
Sometimes he tells me something, but mostly he did not want to be disturbed.
I saw many beautiful things occur, it often took weeks, and he often said: when you grow up, you'll wear this jewelry.
All my life I've waited for this moment...

The truth is that I have never worn these things, I have never seen them again!
After his death, mother that all assumed and kept it under wraps.
I often I have wished, I could wear a piece of jewelry to an especially cause and then give back - that would have been vivid memory of him.

But she kept everything closed from me and I have never seen since childhood 
all these wonderful things.
And she just said: you get that soon enough!

And now she gave all away to a museum.
I could not look at and I only saw two big boxes full of wrapped parcels.
I can understand their intention, that things are preserved for eternity, 
but I have so very wished to wear something of them.
Now I'll never ... she has completely given away all things!

We always had a very simple, modest life, not to say: a poor life.
We never had a car, could not travel, gave up very much, sometimes as children no food.
My today's life is similar again.
Living from one day to the next, often worries, waiver for obvious and needed things, no safety, no reserves. Always  count every cent and need all creativity for a working daily life.
If there ever was in our family a kind of wealth, something valuable, then it was this treasure - my grandfathers work. Such a big and wonderful treasure!
And now that all is lost for us, she gave it away (for nothing).
And  I never will see all these things - 

I can only hope they show it publicly in the museum, 
as most things they store in magazin...


Remembering like I as a child so often pressed my nose against the window of shops and yet never got all the beautiful or sweet things ... I payed
 the last Euro of this month for these donuts.
They were lowered, I could not resist! Normally I don't buy such things.
I ate pink donuts yesterday at first time and they are so delicious!


The last two books, what I've read.
"Four to score" of Janet Evanovich (what a trash, but I've enjoyed it!)
and "The fifth word" by the German artist Gottfried John.
It's a very good book, but I think, it's not translated.


A selfie with our friend (middle) in the forest.
We wanted to go to a lake for a swim, but the water came right from the top.
And because of thunderstorms we turned back. Well, that's life...
I hope we can go again - I very wish I could one time in every summer
 swim in the lake (mostly it's not possible for me)
It's always difficult to find time together, I am often very clamped for mom....


Some impressions of the renovated home, the decoration is still a work in progress.

I say Good bye with an Lithuan Folk song
(I don't understand the words, but it sounds so beautiful for me)

Have a nice weekend.

Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2016

Uncle August

When my great-uncle August was in his twenties, he left Iowa & went to study cake decorating at the National Baking Institute in Chicago. He learned everything from spun sugar decorations to ice sculpture. He went to school for 2 years & when he finished, he went back to Iowa & worked in the family bakery. Except for the odd wedding cake, he never used the fancy stuff he learned. He was in charge of yeast breads & cinnamon rolls...

- Storypeople -

Montag, 25. Juli 2016

Jesteś wszędzie tylko nie przy mnie

- You are anywhere, but not with me -

Lubię budzić się trochę wcześniej
Ty wędrujesz pogrążona jeszcze we śnie
Po morzach przestworzach bezdrożach snu
Jesteś wszędzie tylko nie tu
Jesteś wszędzie tylko nie przy mnie
A ja cicho powtarzam twe imię
Natalio, Natalio śpij, Natalio śnij

Gdzie ty, tam ja, u progu dnia,
Już w oknie świt, patrzę jak śpisz.
Czy to, co śnisz opowiesz mi,
Gdzie jesteś, z kim?
Chociaż jesteś tutaj ze mną

Patrzę na twój sen
Który oddala cię ode mnie
I wcale nie jest mi źle
Jest wielka radość we mnie
Czy to, co śnisz opowiesz mi,
Gdzie jesteś, z kim?
Chociaż jesteś tutaj ze mną

Natalio śpij

Zapytam ją u progu dnia
Już w oknie świt patrzę jak śpisz
Czy to, co śnisz opowiesz mi,
Gdzie jesteś, z kim? Gdzie z kim?
Wiem, że nie można mieć wszystkiego
Choćby się tego najbardziej chciało
A że cię kocham Natalio
Dlatego ciągle mi ciebie za mało
Wiele jest w słowa, które nas bolą
Więcej jest w ciszy i uśmiechu
Patrzę na ciebie daleką uśpioną
I słucham twojego oddechu


I like to wake up a little earlier
You wander still mired in a dream
After seas skies wilderness dream
You're anywhere but not here
You're anywhere but not with me
And I silently repeat your name
Natalia, Natalia, sleeping, Natalia dreaming

Where are you, there I am, on the threshold of the day,
Even in the window dawn, I see you asleep.
What you dream, please tell me,
Where are you, with whom?
While you're here with me

I'm watching at your sleep
That moves you away from me
And it's not me wrong
There is great joy in me
What do you dream, please tell me,
Where are you, with whom?
While you're here with me

Natalia, asleep
Natalia ....

I'll ask you at daybreak
Already in the dawn I see you sleep
What do you dream you tell me,
Where are you, with whom? Where with whom?
I know you can not have everything
Though this is the most wanted
And I love you Natalia
That's why you keep me enough
Many are in the words that hurt us
More is in silence and smile
I'm looking at your long dormant
I'm listening to your breath.

- sings Krzystof Krawczyk -

(I very like the sound of Polish language, especially in this song)

Shared with Foto Tunes , Through My Lens #52 , image-in-ing 
Wandering Camera

Freitag, 22. Juli 2016


Friday Five and alldays life

Good morning,

it's time again for Friday's Five with Tanya and Amy.


The good news at first: we had very yummy sweet cherries.
Picked from a wild cherrytree at the edge of the forest.
I know this trees since a long time, but without a car we cannot reach them and I've not eaten cherries since many years. At the market they are to expensive to buy...
Thanks to our friend with his car we were able to pick cherries. 
They are small, but very sweet.
This is for me one of the classical summerjoys and I am very grateful.


For one week I get the daily newspaper for free. That I call comfort of life.
I like newspapers (on paper, not diigital).


My old wooden desk is finally white now.


The last weeks were very busy, full of mess and unexpected incidents.
I still not finished to organize things back in the home, to put all at the old places 
or find new places for somethingthing.
Begun to clean the house, but the vacuum cleaner is no longer working. Silly story!
I have a dust allergies, it's not funny for me to do it with the broom -


Mother suddenly saw in the right eye nothing more, but luckily it was not the begin of an infarct, only an impact of advanced cataract. 
Surgery will be in september, until then is a difficult time for her.
And other concerns...

Have a nice weekend all, enjoy the summertime.

Today I say Goodbye with a song about fairies. 
(When I'm always dreasming of summer holidays, maybe, I should go to the forest,
 be quiet and silent and watch for them - - - ? )