Freitag, 12. Juni 2015

Friday Five and Facebook

Good morning, the time is flying and it's time now to join with 
Tanya's Willy Nilly Friday and Amy's Five on Friday.


At first any photos of my azalea - it has bloomed so very rich and nice.
A few years ago it was a small flower pot in the house. 
Threw leaves and flowers were always full of aphids.
So I took it to the court, that rain can wash away the aphids.
There have it forgotten and after a cold winter I saw: it is still alive!
Then I planted it in the garden and now is healthy and thrives.


On Weekend had an unexpected meeting with two people from Russia and a teacher from my childhood.
It was an interesting and rather visit, have enjoyed.
But how did it happen, is a special story.

I'm not a fan of social networks. I have on Facebook just a fake account and use very rarely.
One day my sweetheart said to me: "Look on facebook, someone from Russia is searching for people in our town" and I immediately thought: I know for who they are are looking.
So I've chatted for the first time in my life. Earlier I had not knowed, how that works ...
The searching teacher woman is now 88 years, has no internet, so I brought her the message on paper. She was very happy and we all met up here with me. I was pleased also to see her again.
The Russian people were very sympathetic, but something has got me thinking.


I don't know nothing about the life of modern people (here in my autistic isolation).
Okay, I have a Desktop and internet, but not a smartphone, iPad, Tablet and all this mobile stuff.
Have these things never needs and to learn how to handle would cost me a lot of valuable time. More than I would have benefited from them all.
In short, I experienced for the first time people who are going all the day with such things and are almost constantly online. That was very strange for me.

Even before the visit I had to keep facebook online for many hours to respond if a question comes.
Normally, my PC works only 2 hours a day ...
Now again and again look to respond. Well, I wanted to be helping and friendly. But it takes a tremendous amount of time. Only these few days.
It's all over for me, no problem.


But I think: what's a kind of a life, this constant networking and constantly reading something by 100 friends and share content - what is that and why? Constantly show pictures and write where I am, what I do there? And seen from the other also.
For me it has something of stalking and compulsion to control. Voluntary exposure.
And all that liking and sharing of other contents - that can be nice and interesting, but it is also always necessary?
Okay, I'm show in my blog posts every day some pictures. Share them with other bloggers in memes.
I'm enjoying this alldays creativity when memes give me a topic. And like to create my own content. It's fun for me.
But only to share external contents - that seems to me a little boring.

And this facebook (or other social networks) seems for me like a vampire. It sucks many energy and time out from the real life.
I do not understand this: if I'm in a (foreign) town, I want to look and sit quietly on a bench, in a cafe, I want to breath the athosphere and smell the air. On the place, where I am.
If I always have to use a smartphone - I'm really still able to? What's about the real life?
For me it was a horrible experience to see such a thing.
Really unthinkable for myself.

Perhaps that sounds arrogant, and many will not understand my fear. It is so self-evident today.
But these are just my thoughts now.
This way of life has very frightened me.
I had previously no idea of ​​the extent of such things - - -


At last a famous flower video. That's digital art...
And now I say: have a great weekend with beatiful real flowers, colors , scents and sunshine all.
Enjoy your real life.


  1. The azalea plant is stunning, the colour of the flowers are beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. FINALLY!!! Someone sees the "online" world in a similar way. i have a desktop and a small point and shoot camera (I carry the camera on Thursday Mornings when I "adventure.") - i work here when i need to - then i go have my life. people make comments about me, having no carry-along phone, or tablet . . . when i go somewhere - or do something - i prefer to be present . . . I notice people standing in one place, totally engaged in another place altogether . . so - THANK YOU for sharing, now i know I'm not alone . . .

    AND - you must have azalea magic . . i like the story and the gorgeous photos.

  3. Oh Mascha, you are so right about social media! We cannot live our lives anymore without it being an everyday part of our world, and that is sad...also scary! I love blogging because I am sharing my own creativity with like-minded people. I get to see birds and places all over the world, and I've come to care about so many of my blogger friends. But, rarely is something personal shared like on facebook. I rarely use facebook but I do get on there a couple of times a week, and then off pretty fast. It and the use of smartphones just seems like such an intrusion, such a stalking kind of thing, like you say.

    Love your beautiful azaleas! I am so amazed it survived over-winter in a pot after being attacked by aphids, too. It's just gorgeous! Must love the spot where it is planted.

  4. Your azalea is beautiful isn't it. I am sorry that you are so worried about the internet and so on. I hope that you can remember that you should only do what you want to do, and if you want to be online then do it, but don't feel that you have it. It is something that you should do for your own pleasure and should not feel that you have to do it for anyone else. I hope that you will feel better about it soon. Thank you so much for joining in - and never feel that you have to! I hope that you have a great weekend. xx

    1. Don't worry, I do, what I want to do and go away from my desktop, when it seems time. It's, of course, a wonderful thing to use internet and find bloggerfriends. Would not miss that.
      I was only shocked, what part of life such things take in other people, and I'm wondering how society will develop in any years. Somehow it seems to me the real sensory experience capability by the decline and I think people change thereby in their souls, without it to notice.
      But well, I can not change it, it is decision of each individual. I just hope it's own decision and not peer pressure.

  5. What a colorful azalea. So happy that you rescued it and now we all get to enjoy it.

  6. The Azalea is magnificent! So beautiful. I don't do Facebook either, it scares me because I used to work in a court where a lot of cases started with a Facebook comment or picture. Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures, have a great weekend x

  7. I don't do Facebook, but your story is a nice way of showing how it can connect people. I'm with you on the use of all these devices 24/7. It's become quite an addiction. Here, people drive and text. Mothers drag their kids down the hallway at school all the while they are looking at their phone and not even paying attention to their child. People are on the walking paths staring at their phones. Seriously, how do you drive, how do you walk while you are reading something on a small little handheld device? I don't get it at all. I blog and I use Instagram. Both have enriched my life. But I don't need be connected 24/7. All of my colleagues at work used their phone all the time while on the job. I never did. If I see someone at a business using their phone rather than paying attention to customers, I won't visit their shop again. When I travel, I crochet. I do not stare at my phone. In fact, I don't have internet unless I can connect to wifi. No one needs to be plugged in every second of the day. I could go on and on and on about this subject. It's one of my biggest pet peeves.

    Your azaleas are big and beautiful. Lovely! Best wishes, Tammy

  8. That is a gorgeous color for an azalea! I agree with you regarding the Internet. Social media and all sucks up too much of our "real" lives. I play in a few memes for fun but no facebook or twitter or other. It should only be done for some fun and reaching out to see other parts of the world that you might never see in real life. Other than that it is all pretend life.
    Beth P
    #21 Five on Friday

  9. Lovely azalea flowers, ladybirds eat aphids, my kids found that out when they were collecting them for a while ;) sorry about your internet worries. I am not a fan of facebook, too much rubbish on there. Don't feel pressured to be absorbed in the online world. Even on kids programs they are encouraging getting tv channel apps, instead of getting outside to play. And what happened to people talking to each other face to face! I can see from the comments many agree with you.

  10. I have had an azalea for six years and it has never bloomed. Any hints?

  11. I love azaleas. They were a very popular flower in western Washington state. You must be very good at gardening. Have a great weekend.

  12. Your Azalea is stunning, such a pretty color. That is so cool that it survived the winter and you were able to plant it in your garden and watch it continue to grow. I so agree about (Smart Phones) and (Facebook). I have a FB account and post occasionally but not like some people do who just talk about everything under the sun and stuff most people don't even care about. The Smart Phone really irriate me especially when people are in the same room with you and they are constantly texting or playing games instead of holding a converstation with you. It's really sad. - I am happy you found some old friends and had a chance to meet with them. Loved the pretty flower video.

  13. What a beautiful Azalea - really gorgeous. Xxx

  14. I love the bright red azaleas with the white daisies poking through. Yom The Backroads Traveller

  15. what beautiful azaleas you have! have i ever told you that my great grandfather is from russia...his name was august that a popular name there? thank you for linking and have a great week!

  16. Social media certainly feels like a "vampire" sometimes! It's nice to take a break and not be connected all the time.


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