Sonntag, 7. Juni 2015

Native Hawaiians

We used to go visit my grandma on the train & on the way my sister & I would talk to people we met & tell them we were from Hawaii & could speak Polynesian & I’d hold up a 7-Up & say this is called puka-puka-wanini on the Big Island & we’d make up longer and longer names until it took about 10 minutes to say one & about that time we would be there & we’d say aloha & go off to have lunch at my grandma’s & my sister would hold up a Mrs. Paul’s fish stick & say in Hawaii they call these molo-molo-pooey-pooey & I’d try not to choke on my fruit punch.

- storypeople -

Posted for Our Beautiful World's prompt of this week: Lunch

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  1. Mascha- that is such a wonderful story. I love that you tied it into the word prompt. Great photos too! So glad to have found you through Our Beautiful World!

  2. This feels like a journey in words and photos... its lovely. A wonderful interpretation to the word 'Lunch' at 'Our Beautiful World'. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful pictures Mascha, I love how you do them :)

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays

  4. I agree nice post with beautiful photos :-)

    Have a nostalgictastic week ;-)

  5. Hi! Can I ask how make your collage? Do you manually do this or you use computer. They are beautiful!

    1. Would answer on your blog, but I cannot comment there again, tried it 20more...
      I make all my collages with paper and glue, I'm not a big friend of digital artwork, I'm an oldschool handcrafter... have them scanned
      Here you can find more:

  6. I really like the display, the old photos on the scrapbooking backgraound.

  7. I love the black and white, and especially the last one.

  8. Stunning photos and your post did make me giggle! Thanks so much for sharing with us at OBW!!

  9. Hallo Mascha, wider tolle Collagen von dir, die letzte gefällt mir besonders gut! Schön, dass du wieder bei "OBW" dabei warst.


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