Freitag, 29. August 2014


Hydrangea blue...

Clean lines...

My town is old and crooked. Hard to find just clean lines here ...
In a public building I have every time a vertigo feeling, so wrong are the angles, so inclined the floors...
Even in my own house it is difficult to make furniture, because nothing is straight ... but you get used to it. It makes a house also lovely, his imperfection, his character.
Clear lines you find in modern buildings.
They are not really nice, but it depends from the angle.
On what you want to see also.



Donnerstag, 28. August 2014

The fence of the flowershop... always nice decorated

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Hydrangea - the neverending story...

I love hydrangeas. They bloom all summer long.
I never tire of photographing them.
I have in the garden a great collection.
The most I have saved from containers in the cemetery.
People put them in pots on the graves.
Forget to cast... and then they throw them away.
I put them out, give water and the plants usually recover again.
They are so grateful flowering and good photo models also.

Mittwoch, 27. August 2014

Old sewing machine...

52 Photos Project

Maschas Mix - No. 57 -


Ein geblümtes Trägerkleid mit Farbverlauf hatte es mir angetan.
Jedoch: das ganz helle Rosa des Oberteils steht mir gar nicht.
Also trage ich eine blaue Bluse darüber.

This millefleur dress with color gradient was a must have for me.
However: the very bright pink of the upper part fits not well to my skin.
So I'm wearing a blue blouse over it.