Freitag, 30. August 2013

The weekend in Black and White

Weekend Flowers # 114

Dazu ein altes Kosakenlied
"Ай, лети пташка" - Flieg, kleiner Vogel
Es singt Alexander Jermilow

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Random 5 Friday

1 - I have repaired the sole of my sandal.

2 - These ancient sandals are very comfortable.

3 - I have gone many ways with them for a long time.

4 - They were happy and sad ways, light and heavy ...

5 - I want to wear these sandals for a long time, I use many things like as long as it is possible, rather than buying new.

Mittwoch, 28. August 2013

Ein Stück Himmel # 87 - кусочек неба -

Dazu ein wehmütiges nostalgisches Lied
Караваны птиц надо мной летят
Vogelschwärme ziehen über mir dahin

Musik: German Shukowskij
Text: Alexej Fatjanow
Es sind M. Kusnezow (1956)
Das Video ist eine Filmszene aus 
"Der ohne Nachricht Verschollene"

52 Photos Project: On the line

52 Photos Project

Dienstag, 27. August 2013

Wordless - без слов -

Dancing Mailman

Our mailman was a dance teacher at night & I would watch him sometimes to see if he would deliver mail differently than the others. I expected to see him leap over bushes with his toes pointing like arrows, but all he ever did was walk.

- storypeople -

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In a castle park

It is here  and in Wikipedia

There are angels...

There are angels everywhere you can imagine. I saw one hiding in the closet in our bedroom once  I invited her out, but she said she was waiting for a friend thank you just the same next time I looked she was gone.

                   - storypeople - 

Montag, 26. August 2013

Monday Mellow Yellows


Harvest is the theme at  Inspiration Avenue

Harvest are the berries from the garden.
The apples still hanging on the tree.

Harvest are the books which I have made...

and the books that have found me...

Harvest is a lot of photos...

Harvest is the inner harvest.
All of what I have seen and experienced.
What is not to reproduce in photos.
That all is collected and stored in the soul.

It begins now the time of harvest true
the time of the full colors around me.
I want to preserve these
to the winter to feed upon in the barren time of it.
And some then transpose into a workpiece.

Winter is the time of creative working.
If there in the world distracts me nothing ...

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Blue Monday

Every afternoon my grandmother would have 2 chocolates with her coffee. I asked her once how many she thought she had eaten in her life. If you laid them all end to end to the moon & back, she said, I'd be sitting right here even as we speak & then we celebrated her return with an extra chocolate.

                                         -storypeople -

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Mascha mixt montags - No. 11 -

Wasser-Farben für die klaren Tage des Spätsommers

Farben sind für mich das Hauptmotiv des Kleidens.
Und ich liebe es, mit ihnen zu spielen.
Da reicht ein ganz simples T-Shirt und ein Tuch,
passender Schmuck dazu und ein Vintage-Rock...
Fertig ist der Look, der sich den klaren Tagen
des Spätsommers anpaszt.
Rein und klar, wie Luft und Wasser.

Colors are the main subject of clothing for me.
And I love to play with them.
Because enough is a simple T-shirt and a towel,
matching jewelry and a vintage skirt to ...
Finish the look that is the clear days
the late summer adjusts.
Clean and clear as air and water.

Das letzte Foto harmoniert perfekt mit dem Wasser-Bild meines vorigen Beitrags.
The last photo is in perfect harmony with the water-image of my previous posts.

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