Freitag, 23. August 2013

Random 5 Friday

These photos of us made my partner's father in 2011, when his parents visited us here.
It was our first joint summer and  I well remember this particularly beautiful day.
Those are days in the late summer, especially since the light is crystal clear and a mood in the air ...

There are people who are also so pure and bright. These are rare, but they are there and you can find one. I know that now.

We got to know us through the Internet, even though we had ever wanted. But it was intended for us as well.  

Earlier, in 2010, I made for him my blog ... then he came over here in spring 2011 and I write no longer a blog, only rarely...
Now I do it for many other people, far away.

Just starts again this season calm and clear. Our third common summer ends and it went by much too quickly, it seems to us. With him all the time goes by much too fast, that's scary.
But it is also a good sign, because it is simply a wonderful time together.
I am very lucky to have found him


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