Freitag, 9. August 2013

Random 5 Friday

A still life with me ;-)

I gave the potted fresh soil.

The chlorophytum comosum has many offshoots.

I have it placed in small vessels, and when they are grown, 
I'll give away or distribute it here in the house.

Then I photographed a still life in a corner of the courtyard and later 
I saw that I myself am in this picture, mirrored in the ball.

There is now a "still life with me" and a true random photo.


  1. beautiful post, poetic as well, I do like the photo with your reflection.

  2. I have a "spider plant" that I bought for a song at the local plant sale in the spring. It was tiny when I brought it home but it's getting much bigger now.

    1. Oh yes, they all stay bigger and bigger.
      In summer, the pots are out there, but some I can not take anymore in the winter time - they have become too large for the window sills.
      You'd have to have a conservatory!

  3. Love the reflection of you in the globe :)

  4. Excellent Stuff!!!! (your reflection is a little magical . . i'm expecting wonders in your world.)

    1. Wonders happen every day and everywhere. Only it's not always so easy to photograph them ... or write about it.
      But maybe I should try that more often?

  5. Beautiful photos and post! I love the one with your reflection. :). It's enchanting.

  6. Wonderful 'selfie' in the gazing garden ball... I'm your newest follower...

  7. Welcome Madge Bloom :-)
    And Thanks to the others for lovely comments.

    Have a nice weekend.

  8. You are quite the gardener! I love the one with you in the garden ball!


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