Montag, 26. August 2013


Harvest is the theme at  Inspiration Avenue

Harvest are the berries from the garden.
The apples still hanging on the tree.

Harvest are the books which I have made...

and the books that have found me...

Harvest is a lot of photos...

Harvest is the inner harvest.
All of what I have seen and experienced.
What is not to reproduce in photos.
That all is collected and stored in the soul.

It begins now the time of harvest true
the time of the full colors around me.
I want to preserve these
to the winter to feed upon in the barren time of it.
And some then transpose into a workpiece.

Winter is the time of creative working.
If there in the world distracts me nothing ...

For other harvests see here


  1. Wow it's still summer here done make me feel cold

    1. Oh, I did not want to!
      But sometimes when it's too hot, I like to watch images of winter ...

  2. I love these images you've shown us! There are many kinds of harvests, as you've said. All meant to sustain us through the long cold winter.

  3. A wonderfully thoughtful poem with marvellous pictures.
    Those red currants take me straight back to my childhood.

  4. Love your poem and those berries look delicious!

  5. Exquisite words and pictures a harvest of beauty.

  6. Lovely photos. Those berries look delicious.


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