Freitag, 30. August 2013

Random 5 Friday

1 - I have repaired the sole of my sandal.

2 - These ancient sandals are very comfortable.

3 - I have gone many ways with them for a long time.

4 - They were happy and sad ways, light and heavy ...

5 - I want to wear these sandals for a long time, I use many things like as long as it is possible, rather than buying new.


  1. Way to go on fixing your own sandals.. I hope it works.


    1. Yes, it works for a while and then I'll do it again...

  2. I have a pair of Keen sandals that I have worn all over Ireland, England, and the States. They have walked out of one life and into a much better one for me. They last forever, will walk through anything and are extremely comfortable. If and when you do look into a new pair I would recommend checking them out. That being said, keep repairing until you just can't do it anymore.

  3. good for you! there's nothing like a comfortable pair of shoes.

  4. Good for you, I find even after washing them they just get too smelly to keep for more then a season to two.

    Random 5 Friday

  5. Having to say goodbye to a favorite pair of shoes is not easy -- hope you sandals give you many more years of good use. :)

  6. great that you were able to fix them yourself! many more happy travels in them!

  7. good for you fixing them yourself and here's to many more happy trails in them!

  8. It's amazing how we get attached to certain things. And good for you for repairing them rather than tossing them. Too many things have become "disposable"


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