Donnerstag, 22. August 2013

Floral love

Someone has broken the hydrangea and threw them into the water.
So much carelessness makes me sad and I'll give her a little attention. 
Tat's all I can do for them.
Flowers are loved, at least not completely die in vain ...
We took it home and it delights us for some time.
We are glad to have found it.

Floral Love


  1. Lovely flowers, and also your way of dressing is so cool. I love your style!

  2. Such pretty color of hydrangea. I hope you can cultivate from this part of the plant.

  3. How sad -- but so nice you noticed them and shared with us. xo

  4. What a gorgeous bloom! I wonder if someone cast it into the water with a wish for love?

    1. I do not know why someone threw them into the water, whether it was with a desire ... or just carelessness?
      Maybe the wind has blown it into?
      I can only save and love it...

  5. It's such a gorgeous Bloom, hope you can Save it <3

    Grüßle von Heidrun