Freitag, 2. August 2013

Random 5 Friday

The crane is a sculpture by artist Jo Jastram.

 It is located in a court in the center of  an old german town. 

I love cranes, like all birds, and I would even like to fly.

I like the old Russian song of the cranes, 
which are the souls of the fallen soldiers.

The text is written Rassul Gamzatov, the melody is by Jan Frenkel
and the singer is Mark Berness.



  1. Beautiful sculpture, looks like it could take flight at any moment.
    Sandy for Random 5 Friday

  2. beautiful Photos
    You have taught me NEW Things -
    I will look for matching ideas, so i can share -
    AND - even though i am not fully able to understand the lyrics of this hauntingly beautiful song, the melody speaks to me deeply.
    I can hum along - and feel my soul tell me stories. Thank you, -g-

    1. Liked to do :-)
      Wait a bit - maybe I can find an English translation. First, look for the Russian text ...

  3. Cranes

    It seems to me at times that soldiers,
    With bloody not comers of fields,
    Not to our earth lay down once,
    And turned into white cranes.

    They to this day since times of those distant
    Fly and give to us votes.
    Not therefore it is so frequent and sad
    We become silent, looking in heavens?

    Flies, the wedge tired flies on the sky,
    Flies in a fog on an outcome of day,
    And in that system there is an interval small,
    Perhaps, this place for me.

    Day, and with crane pack will come
    I will float in the same gray haze,
    From under heavens on - bird's a call
    All of you whom I left on the earth...

    It seems to me at times that soldiers,
    With bloody not comers of fields,
    Not to our earth lay down once,
    And turned into white cranes.

  4. The Sandhill Cranes migrate and mate here in Nebraska in the springtime. These are lovely captures.

  5. I love this sculpture, cranes and all birds! What would our world be like without them? So beautiful. And wonderful photos here. :)

  6. Beautiful sculpture.
    We happen to have been staying on "Crane Lake" - a lake and small village at the end of the road in northern Minnesota - this week.
    The very first photo in my own random five is of Crane Lake.
    I too, would love to fly!


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