Freitag, 30. Januar 2015

Friday Five and colors


Since 2 days I feel better, not so very ill, in general.
But still headache, swollen sinuses and dizziness - it is not yet healed.
Today finally I can go to the doc and hear the histological result. 
Yesterday we finally could got to the vet. Normally, the cat was not to get, but yesterday we could suddenly and unexpectedly outwit her (which vulgarity!).
Now filaments are drawn and with the the cat all right.


When I cleared away the Christmas decorations, I had a strong longing for spring and I gave my kitchen window and a spring-like touch.
In the photo above you see it in daylight.
But we often have dark and grey days here and we like to sit at lunch or tea time with fairy lights and candles.
Thus, it appears warmer. Photos below.


When I came from the hospital, me often was cold and I've created in the library room a warm corner.
It often takes just a few things to give a room more warmth or coolness, as just needed.


Again one blogger has given up (RA Ranch Berkshires)
I appreciated his soulful photos in professional quality.
It's always so sad, especially when the whole blog disappears, which was to see for any time.
 I don't know the reasons and the blogger is living very far away.
But it's a similiar feeling like a person who was seen for a long time every day, maybe on the way to work, now to see no more. And you ask why....
You will never find out. It's sad.


As poetically part I've chosen today an old Sovjet movie song about a worker train in the morning.
The movie is from the 70ies, but that was not only in Sovjet Union, I know this from the GDR also.
Every morning there were many buses and trains traveling and brought workers to their works. I am also driven some time.
Usually autistic people do not like full buses and trains.
This is also in my case, but I still have fond memories of those trips. The people were familiar by sight and for a long time on every day, then gave good contacts. So it worked for me too.
Since then, no more ...
Ever since the collapse of the communist regime has changed the whole working culture.
Today they often have "job"s only for a short time and not "work"... and each for himself alone, driving their own cars, isolated. Cohesion and contacts hardly yet and for people with disabilities is not a place in this world.
And who does not own a car, can find not a job anyway.
Okay, now I don't longer need to search, I'm retired... - this has its good and less good (living in totally isolation).
For me this song and video has an warm and nostalgic feeling. Simple a nice memory...

Have a great weekend all


  1. I love all your "COLORS" so bright and cheery! The song is a bit melancholy. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  2. Viel, viel gemütlicher bei Kerzenlicht!! Thanks for the charming video -- lovely music and lovelier woman!

  3. I love your window treatment...

  4. Heisann!
    Lovely themes and compositions!

    Can I ask you a question about color and scent? I am making a topic about this which will be posted on my blog next week.
    What kind of smell will the color red and color orange generate to you? Please describ or give the scent a name/word!
    Hope you will give me your answer!
    Have a nice weekend...

    1. What a famous idea! I've always smells associated with colors and often also wear perfume in matching with the color of my clothing ... It is only hard to put everything into words (and in a foreign language ever!), but I will think and write something about it too. We can connect the posts or I write it in comment in your blog.

    2. I would say: orange is a scent of apricots and cinnamon with sandalwood in the base. A warm soothing smell.
      Red, however, is contradictory: it has something light of Fruitjam and summer days, but also a hard undertone as iron or when silver is contacted with a soldering iron to glow. A more technical smell. It is difficult to describe and it is a rather ambivalent smell for me, not so comforting-warming as orange.
      I'll write more about colors and scents next week.

  5. Sorry to hear you were have lovely orange accents for your home♪

  6. Love the beautiful, colorful spots in your home, Mascha...bright and cheerful! Glad the cat is doing well and you got her back to the vet. I hope you will get good news from your tests. The video was charming. I know what you mean about being disconnected as we drive solitary in our cars. That's a sad testament to our world, really.

  7. Heisann! Thanks Mascha. I will keep in contact. My presentation will be posted on Friday on my blog. Interesting topic!
    I would like to ask my students the same question!

  8. your house is so welcoming, love all those colors! i am happy to hear you are feeling a bit better..hope the report was a good one!! thank you for linking mascha!!

  9. Wow, beautiful photos.
    That color make me feel good.
    Thanks for nice comments in my blog.