Montag, 19. Januar 2015

Scarf and candles...

I just got back from the hospital.
I was released prematurely at my own request.
I wear a very simple and cozy outfit for the days at home, for the regeneration to get healthy...
But a nice scarf jazzed up each outfit and so I can go to the lovely Share-in-Style-Party.

I light candles for Mr. Victor and I wish all went well.
Much light and prayers for you both, Sacramento Amate and your husband.


  1. Mascha, I've been thinking about you. I hope you are well! Such beautiful color combinations you created with your lovely scarves. The candle photo is beautiful! Выздоравливай, отдыхай, всего самого доброго тебе, Машенька. Обнимаю.

  2. May you regain you health steadily and surely in the warmth of your own home, wrapped in the beauty of those scarves.

  3. Aww hoping you are well and recovering.. lovely scarf's, great outfits and how you have styled them..

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays

    1. Thanks again for sharing at Creative Mondays, pinned and featuring this week at the blog hop...

  4. Wonderful scarf and wonderful you Mascha.
    Thank you sooooooooooooooo much for sharing your style
    I cannot get the photo of the candle, could you send it to my Email please?

  5. It's time to vote on Sharing in Style, dear friend.

  6. so sorry to hear you were in many people struggle with health issues nowadays. You don't look like someone who just got out of hospital, I must say!

    you look wonderful...I like your scarf as much as like this outfit!

    I also really like the candles you have lit for Sacramento's husband...The message of this photography is really powerful.

  7. colorful and fabulous, lovely color combos and lovely scarves!
    lovely style and attitude!

  8. I hope you are regaining your health, and these colorful scarves bring such a shot of joy! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xox.

  9. Love those scarves billowing in the wind--so colorful and joyous. I hope you start to feel better soon!


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