Freitag, 2. Januar 2015

Friday Five and a new year

This week, between the years was a very quiet and somewhat dreary week here.
The streams of tourists are dried up, the Christmas market is broken down
and only a lonely carousel is still waiting in vain for passengers.

In my house I have much cleaned and sorted out some stuff that I do not want to take into the new year.

But if you only could sort out everything you like to dispose of!
I think of problems with health or financial.
But this is not so easy to solve.

The time was overshadowed by concern for the injured cat and this worry isn't gone over yet - she's worse instead of better. But today we can finally go to a good vet (he was hardly to find over the holidays) and I hope, it will better fast.

A new year lies ahead.
I'm not the person for good intentions that are forgotten after a few days.
But I will try to bring more poetry in everyday life.
Unusual and imaginative note more and play with it.

May this new year to all be a happy, healthy and peaceful year.

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PS - 11:30 am
We are back from the vet. Cat had supply what she need, and he looked at the wound - it will now be better. Yesterday was probably the worst day of fever and festering wound. Today she is better. I am very relieved and she can now stay healthy.
The best thing: with this vet she was not traumatized again and she hwell survived transport .


  1. Happy New Year, Mascha! I hope this year goes better for you and I hope the vet will have some good news for the cat. Tina from 1camera1mom and Amanda's Books and More.

  2. Sending my warmest wishes for the new year. Stay healthy and happy. Remember to smile! Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. Liebe Mascha...wie schön zu lesen das für Merula gute Aussichten bestehen.
    So beginnt das neue Jahr mit etwas Gutem nach all deinen Sorgen und Bemühungen.
    Ich wünsche Dir und deiner Samtpfote von Herzen das Beste im neuen Jahr.

    Liebe Grüsse

  4. I am glad your kitty is okay. These photos are amazing - like Magic.
    Brilliant New Year to YOU!

  5. Glad your kitty came home and you were able to get her back to the vet. I hope she will heal well. The building in the first photo is so gorgeous! Love the German architecture. Hope you have a wonderful new year, Mascha. We can all use more poetry in our lives!

  6. It is always sad when Christmas is over and all the festive lights and decorations are put away for another year. I've learned though that you appreciate them more because you only see them for such a short time.
    That red dress looked so pretty against the snowy outside scene.
    I'm hoping that your kitty is on the mend now. Saying a prayer for her. Happy New Year.

  7. Thank you. Today is many better with the cat, already in the morning before the vet-visit. I think, it can heal now.
    With the dress that was an little experiment. I was looking for stuff and found at the barn an old box with a few festive dresses, to small for me today (sigh!). Would give them away to the Charity, but than I've thinking: let me make photos with them on unusual places! Give them away can later... that was only the first try.

  8. Transporting a cat is not an easy task. Hopefully she will be better now, as I know it has been a concern for you, Mascha. The red against the snow in your photo is very pretty.

  9. first of all i am so happy to hear that your cat is doing better!! i thought of you on new years eve when we were watching the new years eve special and they showed a picture of moscow celebrating...beautiful photos mascha and i wish you a very happy and healthy new year!

  10. So pleased to hear that you little cat is on the mend. We do worry about our animals... as we should. Beautiful photos in this post. Love the first scene with those enchanting buildings.


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