Donnerstag, 22. Januar 2015

A wonderful old house..

...will be demolished. I saw it from the hospital grounds.
This architecture is typical in the townHalberstadt, it's sure been a certain architect.
I'm sorry that these houses now disappear.
The fence is ugly, but useful for construction sites.
Other fences I could not photograph in recent times ...


  1. This house must have been a beauty some time ago.
    Too bad nobody cared for it :(
    Have a fine day

  2. Wow, looks like it would have been a beautiful house in it's day.. Sad to see it being demolished.. Great fence shots, have a happy day! Thanks for the comment and visit..

  3. How sad to see the house being demolished. So much lost history involved.

  4. It is always sad to see a lovely house demolished

  5. Perhaps you could sneak through the construction fence and rescue some of the architectural decoration pieces to take home as a memory. I would, but probably be arrested. Although it would be SO worth taking the chance!

  6. oh, rather sad to see the old structures taken down, but at least they're not just letting it rot away. we use similar construction fencing here, too, to keep people back. thanks, mascha!

  7. Yes, it is sad to see a house torn down especially since it still looks very sturdy.

  8. Oh my how sad. Gone. Forgotten. You got the fence that was good.

  9. A great shame that these fine houses have to be pulled down. A constuction fence like the one in your photos is also used here.

  10. still has lots of character. such a shame someone couldn't fix it up.


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