Donnerstag, 22. Januar 2015

My favorite perenn...

My favorite perenn in this time is the helleborus.
It blooms in a inhospitable cold time and I'm thankful for this joy.
But one of the hydrangeas has flowers in a nice old pink yet at the end of November -
how could I not love it?

Anyway: there are so many lovely perenns over the year!
In every time I have other favorites.
Here are some photos from my archive.
They are all wonderful at their time
and the pictures bring me memories
and anticipation for the next gardening season.
This helps me to survive the winter...


  1. Pretty flowers! I really love the hellebores.

  2. Very lovely colors on your palette today, Mascha. Makes me think of spring.

  3. OOO, they are all so beautiful. A bright spot on this cold, snowy day in West Texas....

  4. What beautiful photos! Picking a favourite perennial is impossible for me but hellebores are definitely in my top ten. Or five. Or twenty. I love a bouquet of mixed shades but I don't find hellebores actually last well when picked. Do you ever pick yours or do you just enjoy them in the garden? xo

  5. Lovely, all of them! I liked very much your photo of the aquilegia-birds are sitting together :)

    1. You're right - it looks like birds sitting together

  6. I like your beautiful photos and all your flowers, especially aguilegias. I haven´t visit your blogg earlier, seems interesting.

  7. Lovely pictures, my favourites are Helleborus and Aquilegia. Have a nice weekend! Marika

  8. Lovely perennials! Some of the favourites, we have in common :-)

  9. Härliga favoriter du har
    Ha en fin fredag

  10. Fantastic flowers.
    I like them all.

    Have a nice weekend.

  11. Very nice! Have a great weekend.


  12. Greetings Masha! Your photos are so beautiful ad your flowers are fantastic! Thank you for sharing with Today's Flowers. I wish you a very happy weekend

  13. Was für eine Blütenpracht! Ein schöner Anblick an so einem trüben Tag! Großartige Fotos!

  14. So many blossoms!!! My favourite is the white columbine!! The ones which are blooming now are kind of sad, but they are still very brave for blooming in the winter!!!

  15. Lovely photos!
    Both the tender beauty of your winter flowers and the cheerful flowers of summer are so charming.
    Thank you for sharing!

  16. It is so nice to see your pretty flowers - seeing them has me anticipating Spring all the more now :)

    Thank you, sweet friend, for sharing at Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!

  17. I can see why they are your favourites. So colourful and pretty.

  18. A beautiful selection of shots, Mascha. Hellebores are one of my faves too.
    Many thanks for your participation in Floral Friday Fotos!

  19. Ahhh ... spring! Beautiful flowers Mascha.


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