Freitag, 29. April 2016

Friday Five and hope

Good morning,
it's friday again and time for sharing my Five with Nancy, Amy, Cath and Tanya
And I also share my green photos with Nicks Friday Greens


It's very cold here with us and we had a little snow.
It's scary: together with the snow from the blooming cherrytree to see real sownflakes falling down.
But I haven't managed to make a photo :(


I had a hard week full of stress and desasters.


Last Friday my mother rushed again and kicks the back of her head at an edge.
 It was bloody, but fortunately no concussion.
But too early happy: on Sunday sudden semed visual defect by bleeding in the eye.
The biggest problem with such things is always to find a doc.
Even on weekdays there is not a good doc in this town and on sundays it's still a much bigger desaster. Really nobody!
We always must ride a long distance to get help and often there is no bus and no train, especially on weekends - a life without a car is simply hard to managed.
It was a great excitement and effort for mom to a finally good end.


Then I by myself had a long trip.
In a magazine I read from a sleep-doc and I've registered there. Far away.
But I would make this travel, because two and a half year of insomnia is enough to take all my energy and make a lot of following healthy problems (I'm really at the end since some time).

I had so hoped! Had tought, they take my blood for investigation hormones and other stuff and make some tests to find the reason and can help me with individual remedies or other therapy.
But in vain: they made no one investigation and saying only that it seemed innate and I must take strong sleeping pills for a long time every night (this is exactly what I will NOT!)
And they made me offer to test new drugs, would pay me a little money for this.
That I never will do. Money is useful and needed, but not at this way!


We always say: green is the hope and here are a few green photos from my archive.
To share better and hopeful things, that under I-IV...
Hope, you enjoy them and have a wonderful green weekend


  1. Greetings Mascha, I hope your dear Mom is doing better. It sounds very scary what happened to her. My friend suffered from insomnia for over two years and could not get any correct diagnosis. Finally, a new doctor prescribed her a new medicine that was originally intended for bipolar disorder. She is not bipolar by any means, but the medicine allows her brain to let her sleep. She is so thankful to have found something. Not being able to sleep is not pleasant, I am sure. Your lovely green photos of spring are amazing. You're a very talented photographer. My best to you (and your Mom for a speedy recovery). Hugs, Pat

  2. Sorry to hear about your mothers fall, very traumatic when you cannot get to a Dr, hope things are better. Two years will little sleep, that is hard on you, hoping eventually something can be done, without the tablets... Stunning green photos x

  3. What a disaster for your dear Mum, hope she is feeling much better now. Your photos this week are amazing, you certainly are a talented photographer. Have a great weekend.

  4. My ex husband suffered from narcolepsy and it affected his sleep. He would sleep, but he dreamed he had been awake all night, so he used to wake up angry and tired. The only medicine he found that helped had such bad side effects that he had to stop taking it. Good luck with finding an answer. It must be awful for you.
    I'm glad your Mum is OK. Head injuries can be very frightening and often look worse than they actually are. Take care.

  5. Oh dear I hope your Mother is better now, what a fright. Love the green photos :-)

  6. Wonderful shots of nature, I hope all went well at the doctor.

  7. oh mascha, what a week...i hope your mom is better and i am sorry the sleep dr wasn't any are right, money is not worth what they are wanting you to do...that is scary! beautiful green photos...i hope things have calmed down and next week will be a good one for you! thank you for linking mascha and take care!

  8. wonderful springimages.
    best regards

  9. What beautiful green things. But, oh my, how awful about your mom and the trouble getting a doctor. Hope she is well and good today.

  10. What beautiful green things. But, oh my, how awful about your mom and the trouble getting a doctor. Hope she is well and good today.

  11. Hello, I am sorry about your Mom falling, I am glad she is Ok now. That is scary. I too have problems sleeping, I do not like taking medicines due to all the bad side effects. Being awake more allows me to comment more, lol. Your plants and flowers are lovely. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  12. Your photos are so beautiful and full of hope! They are just what I needed for I have been a bit depressed with the weather this week. Moist weather does not do me any good... I truly hope you find some help to your insomnia. It is hell, I know from experience. For years I used a little dosis of some antidepressive drug, but don't need it any more, thanks to god. - I wish a quick recovery to your mother! With old parents it is not easy. Hugs <3

  13. Sorry to hear that it has been such a difficult week for you. I do hope that your Mother will be well again and home soon and that you can find some treatment for your own problems. Take care of yourself. Thank you for joining Five On Friday, I hope you have a fun weekend! xx

  14. Beautiful pictures.

    Sorry to hear that it's been such a trying week. A new week is ahead and hopefully things will be better. I hope your mother recovers soon!

  15. Oh my that had to be scary about your mom & not being able to find a doctor. It's good to hear she is okay now. - Also sorry that you didn't find the help you were looking for in regards to the Insomnia. Such pretty photos you shared for the Green prompt.

  16. So sorry about your Mother's accident, hope she's doing better now. Life is difficult without a car, we live 8 miles outside a small town and nearly 20 from a larger city. We must have a car, there are no buses.
    Insomnia is so difficult, I don't blame you for not taking g sleeping pills.

  17. So sorry about your mother's fall, Mascha! How awful to happen on a unday and no way to find a Dr. closeby. Glad things finally turned out OK. Sorry too that the sleep clinic didn't offer any real help for you. All I ever take (and rarely) is melatonin, because it is a natural substance already found in our brain. Qi-gong is so helpful because you zone-out and it keeps the brain from being over-active. Any type of meditation does the same, but with Qi-gong you also get blood to the brain with the stretching exercises. I also love sounds machines, like waves or rainfall. I hope you are able to get some help for your sleep issues!

    Your green photos are wonderful! really enjoyed them! Hope you have a good weekend.

  18. Oh my I surely hope your mother is healed by now and you as well. it can be very discouraging when medical help is far away. sending prayers for better days ahead.

    love your green images.

  19. That's a lot of green--awesome signs that spring is near.

  20. Firstly, glad your mum is ok...second, I hope you find a solution to your insomnia...have you tried hypnosis on a cd or iPod when you go to sleep....I found one and it always puts me to sleep before I hear the end of it....anything with a theta rhythm should help. Helps me sleep when I travel by plane. Lovely Green photo's....thanks for sharing at Fun Friday Favourites and Happy Week to you!

  21. I took melatonin in different dosage, the effect was: I have not slept all night, not even with a sleeping pill after it.
    Have tried l-tryptophan, natural progesterone cream, all plants, homöopathic and natural substances, have sleep-CDs with music and theta rhytms... have learned yoga nidra and other relaxing techniques... nothing helps. I have that problem during my whole life, but never it was for such a long time nonstop -
    I'm not a person, who thinks and thinks all night, my insomnia is independent of concerns and has no recognizable pattern, it's a mysterium -
    I always try to take it easy and relaxed... when sleep isn't, so it isn't, but now it isn't to long!! Sigh...

  22. I'm sorry you've had a difficult week. It's not easy when there's a medical emergency and you have no transport or local emergency service. I hope your mother soon recovers from hitting her head and you also find relief from the continuous insomnia. Lack of sleep is exhausting as we know from our recent illnesses. Thank you for sharing the photos of greenery - indeed very calming to look at.

  23. Lovely greens in your photos. I do hope that your mother recovers well, that must have been very scary for her and you too. Also I hope that you can overcome the insomnia eventually as it is so debilitating. I don't blame you for not wanting to take medicines:)

  24. I'm sorry you've had such a hard time lately, with your mom's health and your own insomnia. Not being able to sleep is so frustrating and utterly exhausting. I hope that you will find some relief, somehow. The beautiful shapes and colours in your photo do say spring, and I hope the weather warms up for you soon, and the cherry trees won't suffer from the cold.

  25. I'm sorry to hear you've had a difficult week. I do hope this one is better.

  26. Wonderful shots and gorgeous greens, Mascha. Thank you for participating in the Friday Greens meme. I look forward to your next entry.


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