Mittwoch, 13. April 2016

The red cabrio

She grew up in the dark part of Germany.
But the children did not know what this meant. They played their simple games on the road in the sun, happy and undisturbed.
Rarely a car came over there ...
But one day it was there by the house of the neighbor: the red cabrio.
A pack of little boys had gathered around ... wondering and very interested.
The teenage girl was standing some distance away, completely absorbed in her dreams: a prince would come and kidnap with this carriage ... to a picnic and maybe to the movie -

The sister of the neighbor was living in West Germany and was married to a G.I. -What this meant, the children did not know.
Only that they had now come to a visit.
For several days, the red cabrio was admired and twined wild speculations and dreams around it.

One morning they were seen: the woman in white polka dots dress, with unspeakably fashionable pumps and so apart ...
Behind her the man: slim, tall, light gray.
They did the luggage in the trunk and he opened the woman gallantly the car door.
He surreptitiously winked at the girl and then they drove away ...

The decades passed and with them the German division.
The world had become a different, the girl of that time was long an elderly woman.
On the Internet she found a vintage dress, white with black polka dots ... she bought it and hung it in the closet.
Not to wear it, only to have a memory of the times, as she had still dreams ...

One morning the sun was laughing and she stood up with this especially feeling.
The day would somehow be a very special, she knew it, and deep in her heart she was happy like a child.
She took the polka dot dress out of the closet and her black pumps, rarely worn in everyday life ...
She went out for a walk, her gait elated as in earlier times.

On the central place of the small town had gathered again the classic car fans.
Every year they came with their shiny cars, relics of a bygone era.
There were many cars to admire, which she had never seen in the street on a normal day.
And then she saw it: the red cabrio! As it stood before her and flashed in the sun ...
Surreptitiously, dreaming, she touched it with his hand.

She did not know how long she had been standing there, completely absorbed.
Suddenly she saw him, the elderly white-haired senior.
He opened the car door for her and asked, smiling:
Madame, ready for a little tour ?

The photo, inspiring me, made Tom The Backroads Traveller


  1. There is nothing dark about that '57 T-Bird. Have a bright and wonderful day Mascha.

  2. Mascha, such a fabulous story. Certainly brings back memories. My hubby has a classic '66 GTO we can take for a spin on occasion. Thanks for sharing your story today!

  3. What a lovely story. Thanks for sharing. I linked too. But I left my ending open. Come over and write the ending!

  4. Perfectly beautiful. Mascha, you are so talented. Don't edit the English. It's special just the way you wrote it.


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