Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2014


This photo have taken 20 years ago in a village not far from my town.
I have scanned the old paper image.
Today it is there something else.
Not only the fence is already renewed and almost no one with us depends more lingerie so on a long leash (except me) ...
I like the nostalgic feeling in this picture.


  1. Yes that certainly does have a nostalgic feeling to it. Very old world. Beautiful photo. Glad you went to the trouble to scan it.

  2. i like it very much! thanks for scanning it to share today!

  3. It is a beautiful spot! So refreshing to see!

  4. A great vintage shot. The laundry hanging on the line is neat!

  5. What a charming and vintage image! I remember being able to hang out my laundry to soak up the smell of the (clean) outdoors

  6. What a wonderful memory you have there. I loved it when my mom hung clothes outside to dry, they always smelled and felt so clean and fresh.


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