Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2015

Things after

Things they don’t tell you before you were born (because, most likely, there are quotas & they don’t want a lot of people backing out at the last minute) 
1. Everything good we’re telling you you’re going to forget & you’ll only start to remember once you give up acting like you know what you’re doing This can take a long time. 
2. You’re going to end up with people who do crazy stuff, but who act like it’s normal & you, who just wants to have fun being alive, have to go along with it so they’ll feed you. After a few years like this, you’ll start doing the same crazy stuff. (Obviously, we’re still working out the kinks.) 
3. There’ll be so much cool stuff to play with it’ll take you awhile to settle down. There’s a good chance we’ll lose you along the way to some of those things. It’s OK. You just die & then we’ll tell you everything all over again & we’ll all keep our fingers crossed & hope it goes better the next time.

- storypeople -


  1. Wonderful and stricking photoes, and love your collages, too, Mascha. Such amazing stories !!

  2. Your collages are breathtaking! I especially love the stone wall ruins! Maybe a castle of old celtic home? Just beautiful! thanks for sharing them!

  3. Beautiful post Mascha and I love your beautiful photos in between! xx

  4. I love the stonework in these. Would be such an awesome photo shoot location!


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