Montag, 5. Februar 2018

Angel of the animals

Shared with Art Journal Journey, Paint Party Friday 
Creative Every Day, Weekend Journal Page

(If you miss my collgage-stories, they are here


  1. I adore how you used grids to designate each of the animals. I love how you draw and your angel is the best. I am sure all the animals love her. This is a simply stunning entry for Art Journal Journey. So very glad you joined us there today with this beautiful painting.

  2. Wonderful how you show us the steps to this beautiful big canvas - the white angel with a group of animals around, fantastic! I like your craftroom too!
    Thank you for linking this amazing artwork to Art Journal Journey!

  3. Wunderbar - Ark of the Angel - so ein schönes Bild!Danke für's Zeigen bei dem Thema Tiere von A-Z bei Art Journal Journey ! Was für ein zauberhafter Beitrag liebe Mascha!
    Hab einen netten Abend!
    Liebe Grüße

  4. Wow, this is gorgeous. Lovely animals all watched over by the their guardian angel

  5. This is delightful. I'm so glad the animals have an angel too.
    I do like the way this is a painted patchwork, it's something different.

  6. Lovely piece...reminds me a little of a Frida piece...happy ppf...xx

  7. Enjoying your Angels series Mascha
    Happy PPF

    much love...

  8. We all need guardian angels...even the animals.
    Very beautiful!!!

    Happy PPF!

  9. Wonderful angel and all the animals. :)

  10. This is so lovely.
    Happy Paint Party Friday
    Vicki-Ann :)

  11. Love seeing how you started this piece. The concept is wonderful as the painting.

  12. Mascha, I am so happy you started painting again! This is just wonderful!

  13. I love this - and totally love the idea of the animals having their very own angel <3 Happy PPF from Number 39 :)

  14. WOW! This is wonderful. Love it so much.

  15. Love the color combination you used here! A great beginning:) If you like you could "emphasize" one of the items (by color or boldness of lines, etc., like you do in your collages). Am curious. You paint angels often - do angels have a certain significance or do they have a certain role when you paint them? For example: does he/she represent a guard, love, or compassion, or ...fill in the blanks....?
    Am curious how this is going to develop! Well done! Thank you much for both contributions. Isn't it great to get back into painting? Even though in the first year or years it can also be very hard...

  16. so much going one!! I love it, a story it tells!!

  17. I love the idea that God watches over the animals, sending His angels, because He loves them so. This painting is just stunning!


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