Freitag, 4. Oktober 2013

Random 5 Friday

- Morning -
It's not every morning so quiet and peaceful, like on the photos from tuesday, where the cat meditating in front of the candles. It depends on whether a visitor comes ...

- Cats -
Even when I still did not have a cat, cats always came here to visit.
I just needed to open the kitchen window and at least one was in...
They ate something delicious and looked for a place to sleep. They felt more at home with me and I had several friends. Only they were not at each other's friends always.
They all have other homes by neighbors, but apparently they were dear to me.
Then came in winter 2011 my cat, very hungry, and they had no home.
Of course she now lives with me.
Now the other no longer coming, they did it successfully routed...

- Visitor -
Only one visitor comes still. He has already worn many wounds it, but he does not give up.
He gets here every day food and often sleeps here, if my cat is away.  He wants to keep the old states!
Yesterday morning he had finished his meal (I also wanted to eat breakfast) and he wanted to back out the window. It was still completely dark.
But when I opened the window, he could not get out, but Merula got into it. She is black, we did not see her in time ...
Of course there was a great clamor, and they still wanted to taste my baguette, I fled with my plate and teapot. I had breakfast at the computer and heard in the kitchen the rumble spirit. - Oh oh!

- Weather -
This week it was very cold in the nights, to 0 °. But when the fog had cleared, which often lasted until noon, the sun came out and it was golden and warm. Beautiful clear air - I have enjoyed these days.
But the real golden autumn has not begun yet, still the overall impression is more green.

- Flower shop -
I have made in passing photos  from the Flower Shop. 
I am always fascinated by the richness and diversity.
I remember many times about how I was for the first time in West Germany after the opening of the German border.
I only knew gray and lack ... and was suddenly everywhere colorful and diversity.
Touched me the most flower shops, it seemed like paradise.
I enjoy so today with the same amazement.


  1. Such beautiful flowers! I love autumn colors. Kitties are something sweet, huh? Love mine! Have a great weekend.

  2. We have 5 outdoor cats that do not always get along so well even though they have grown up together.

    Lovely flowers -- how nice to have a flower shop nearby to enjoy such a variety!

  3. the flowers are gorgeous. cats are like family to me. stay warm! Have a lovely week.

  4. Your flowers are beautiful. And I liked reading the story of your cat.

    I'm new to Random 5 this week, and thought I'd try and get the gist of it all by paying you a visit!! Happy weekend.

  5. Oh what beautiful photos of flowers, and we always either have a cat or a visiting cat.

  6. Wunderbare Farben geben uns Mut, in den Herbst des Lebens zu starten

  7. We have four cats and have started feeding four homeless kittens next door. They are sweet,but already I get concerned if I don't see one.. Nice post and photos!

    1. Oh yeah, I'm worried too, if my cat does not appear once in the morning ...


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