Freitag, 18. Oktober 2013

Random 5 Friday

This is a flat roof between two houses. We have a door upstairs and go to it.
Forward you can see down to the street.

Around noon, when the sun is out, it is even now sometimes still warm enough to sit there.
I've been sitting a long time yesterday with the cat on my lap. We both enjoy this relaxed hours.

Behind you see in the gardens.

There are a lot of geraniums. They have their heyday ended for this year, but I'll leave it out as long as possible. I hope it is not as durable frost soon.
Then they must all in the basement. There is quite dark and that doesn't them well. Therefore, the asylum-time as short as possible.
But I get a lot of them through the winter and next summer I enjoy in its flowers.

I drive almost all the way by bicycle. This is better than running with a sick foot. I hope it will not be too long snow in the winter, so I can always ride.
I fear a little bit the winter, because many things will be more difficult and almost impossible for me to cover longer distances.

So, that was really "random facts", but actually I'd rather write 5 facts about a special and beautiful theme.
Only sometimes I find none or everyday eats the witty thoughts on ...

Have a nice and quiet weekend :-)


  1. Beautiful flowers and kitty to keep you company on the roof Mascha! And love that photo of you on your bicycle. :)

  2. That roof looks like an awesome spot!

  3. Oh I would love to sit in that quaint little spot with the cute kitty it is nice. I do love riding a bike and hope your foot heals quickly. B

  4. Good for you -- riding your bike. What a lovely spot on the roof ... a nice place for you and the pretty kitty. your geraniums look much better than mine. it just got too hot here and i love geraniums. have a lovely week.

  5. Liebe Mascha,
    ich hab mich sehr über Deinen Kommentar auf meinem Blog gefreut! Sei ganz Herzlich Willkommen!
    Wunderschön, bunt und gemütlich sieht es bei Dir aus!!!
    Ich bleib' noch ein bisschen...und besuch' Dich wieder!
    Hab ein ganz wundervolles Wochenende,

  6. Freut mich, wieder eine neue Leserin begrüszen zu können :-)
    Dein Blog ist übrigens schon rechts in meiner Liste, aber es werden immer nur die gerade frischen Posts angezeigt, da bist Du jetzt etwas weiter unten (unsichtbar). Aber ich sehe gleich, wenn Dui wieder oben bist und komme dann auch gern bei Dir vorbei.
    Ein sonniges Herbst-WE wünscht Dir

  7. I love that flat roof porch and the geraniums are a pretty addition! I hope you have a mild winter so that you're able to get around easily on your bike.

  8. I'm with you Masha. I love to find one theme and write about that too. Your geraniums are beautiful. I remember my grandmother saving them from year to year. I just let them die and buy new ones. Maybe I should try to save them.

    1. Well, I save in every fall a lot of geraniums and begonias from containers at the cemetery. Thrown away, but they can overwinter well, very easy to tubers of begonias. Need in winter no light, no earth ... They drive off in spring. My flowers multiply each year. Only some of the geraniums die in darkness ... although I cut off all the leaves.
      On the picture below, by bike, you can see begonias, I have all corners full of pots ...

  9. The roof makes for a nice patio for you. What a lovely view from up there. Nothing like a purring cat to keep one's lap warm. :) I love all the stonework, and you on your bicycle. I pray your foot heals quickly, and your winter is mild.

    1. Thank you :-)
      The house is situated on a mountain, you can see far ... and the masonry below is on the road to fixing the slope. To the front door I need to go up stairs, maybe another time I make photos of them...

  10. Beautiful are the photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK


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