Freitag, 26. September 2014

My wish that came true

When I was a child, I had very terrible clothes.
Ugly and unfashionable. I could not feel comfortable in it and all the other children laughed at me ... But I was forced to wear these clothes. Sometimes with penalties...

Often I read fairytales of girls in ragged clothes, which marry a prince. And then they had chests full of beautiful clothes ... that was often the end of the story.
No, I not dreamed  of a prince, I just wanted chests full of beautiful clothes!
That was my child dream.

Later as an adult I have my clothing knitted, sewn and dyed in beautiful colors. I had no other choice than to do it by myself, because in the former GDR we had not to buy any nice clothes. Many things we had not...

Today I do not longer sew by myself, but I fulfilled my childhood dream: I have baskets full of beautiful clothes!
I collect vintage clothing in beautiful colors, many longskirts and robes. I wear only what I like and what is comfortable for me...
 I enjoy the variety of materials and colors of all the clothes, that we have today.
And it's all to get cheap at flea markets or in the Charity Depot...
And my personal prince I've also get ;-)


  1. What a wonderful post, Mascha! Dreams are essential to life! Keep on dreaming - you clearly learned how to make them come true! :) You have an amazing wardrobe, and very unique your own style - I always enjoy your choices. And I really enjoy this post and all the photos! One day, I will also create a wonderful wardrobe full of treasures - I am on my way. :)

    Lots of love xxxxx

  2. Liebe Mascha,
    Du hast wirklich Schätze! Ich mag es sehr, wie Du sie einsetzt, wie Du damit eine Geschichte erzählst. So sollte Kleidung im besten Fall sein, unsere Stimmung wieder spiegeln, unsere Träume umsetzen, unsere Kreativität erwecken, nicht nur uns warm halten und zu etwas machen, was wir gar nicht oder ungerne sind.
    Lieben Gruß und ein ganz schönes Wochenende (mit Deinem Prinzen!)

  3. I love your clothes! We al have stories of childhood disappointments. If we can get by them they make us stronger.

  4. I am so happy for you! Your clothes are always distinctive and unique. I can see you've put your heart into them. Sometimes childhood disappointments give us more passion in later life. I'm glad you chose to overcome rather than become bitter! And you got your prince too!! Yay! Xo JJ

  5. Your clothing is lovely and looks like it is a true expression of you. I do not have a talent for or patience for sewing, though I am trying to encourage myself to do more of it. I love to shop in thrift shops though in my small town the selection is not spectacular. I try to take that as a creative challenge. The biggest challenge is finding natural fibres. Your handsome prince looks very charming. I see he approves highly of your wardrobe choices too.

  6. I am so glad you have your beautiful, colorful, and comfortable clothing!
    Thank you for adding to {my wish that came true} !!

  7. This is so sweet! Your clothing collection is beautiful.

  8. Awww... what a heart-touching post, my dear. Dreams....they are beautiful. Speaking of are beautiful - you may have lovely clothes, but it is you and your sweetness that make everything lovely and bright :)

    Hugs to you!

  9. I can see why you love vintage clothes. I'v always enjoyed window shopping in vintage stores.


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