Freitag, 12. Dezember 2014

Friday Five and winter days

I am very tired at the time, serious health problems and others.
No energy for blogging as usual.
Am not present in all memes, but I will not totally give up ...

Winter is always not such a good time for me.
I freeze easily and if there is snow, so I can not ride a bicycle, everyday life is doubly difficult.
 All lanes are very wide ,much is unreachable and the already small radius decreases more.

Fortunately, we have not always snow.
Often the impression of winter days is more an idea of green.
Tired green grass and a lot of ivy we have around.
Wintergreen. I love it. Like here ...

Only occasionally is a lot of snow. Pictures are from another year.
Freezing birds in my garden.
I feed them, but since I have the cat, much less birds come over here ...

Of course, snow also has a poetic side. Freshly fallen snow is so pure and soft and everything is quiet. I enjoy  it very much.

Next Friday I will not be here.
I must go by the train to a larger city in an eye clinic.
I really hope they can figure out the reason why I lose sight 10% every year.
I hope they can help to stop it. For soon there is nothing left. Scary!
The journey will be difficult for me. Have very poor orientation. Anyway. And by poor vision even more.
( Autistic people can not ask for directions - )
But there are far too few doctors in my area.
Many people can not get enough medical help. And on an appointment is a long waiting time.
I waited six months it now. But this is only a "short" time -

Have a nice weekend and a blessed Christmas time all.


  1. Eine wirklich tolle Atmosphäre in deiner Stadt. Danke fürs teilen beim Friday My Town Shoot Out.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Mascha,
    I send my best wishes to you at this Christmas season. Lets pray that your health improves, this afternoon I will go for an eye treatment. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. Oh Mascha, I am sending you hugs and prayers...I sure hope they figure out what is wrong and it isn't anything serious. I am sorry you are going through this and the winter makes things so difficult for you...I'll be thinking of you next Friday and hoping your journey is an easy one.... (beautiful photos)

  4. Beautiful Photos . . Completely Awesome Advent Wreath . . I will be thinking about your travels and believing your vision will improve . . . Be Well, Lovely Friend!

  5. Hugs and prayers from me also Mascha, and wishing you a happy outcome from your journey. Your photos are wonderful!

  6. Mascha, sending a big hug and prayers from Texas. So sorry to hear of your challenges and lack of medical care. We have such in abundance here where I live, and it is one reason we chose to live here. Your pictures are so beautiful. Please take care, and best of luck on your doctor visit.

  7. I am very sorry to hear about your physical issues, and hope the Dr. will be able to help with your eye prblem (is it macular degeneration?) It would be so scary to lose one's sight and I hope they can help you! I am sorry you also cannot get out in the cold much. Did you say you are also autistic? I have some experience with that in my family. God bless you as you face these challenges. I loved your photos, and hope you will be able to get out soon and get some from this year's beauty in your town. I will be praying for you! Have a blessed Christmas!

  8. I am so sorry for your health issues and the difficulties that result. I wish you every grace in your journey and in weathering the winter - God's Shalom to you and a Blessed Advent and Christmas...

  9. I'm sorry you are not feeling well again Mascha. Sure hope you get better soon and they can help you at the eye doctor.

    I think to loose you sight is the worst thing to happen to someone.

  10. I hope you get well! Wish you good luck!!